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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by WordsfromaSong, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Garrett L.

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    Why is it breaking you?

    I entered my panic mode on my second because the chapters got noticeably shorter as the plot sped to the conclusion and that made my brain go “this means you suck!” And I have no idea how to expand those chapters or if they even do.

    Writing is weird.
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  2. aspeedomodel

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    I started writing it without the proper thought, back in 2008 or so. Have been off and on ever since, done a few major shifts/rewrites and have been stuck at about 250 pages it seems forever.

    Not too long ago I had a few major break-throughs and it looked like I'd be wrapping up first draft. Yet, here I am.

    I don't realistically have the ability to focus on it like I should, so it just takes time.
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  3. Garrett L.

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    Give yourself an over abundance of grace in the process. Finishing a horrible first draft (and not saying it is) lays a much stronger foundation for moving forward than anything incomplete.

    I know the time struggle. I wrote my first one between 1 and 2am while working two jobs. The time is sacred when you show up, as long as you do.
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  4. aspeedomodel

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    Yeah, that has been my thought process going forward. Not rewriting but finishing a draft. Just for the milestone, but for having something more concrete.

    Damn, I wish I had that energy...thanks for the words!
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  5. Garrett L.

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    I don’t know how I did it looking back. I was in a dark place and drinking a lot (it shows in the draft, too).

    We writers gotta encourage each other when we can. It’s such a solitary craft.
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  6. theagentcoma

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    I just turned 30 and I can't shake this feeling that I need to create something. Some kind of outlet to put creativity into. I've mentally tossed around ideas of doing a podcast or a Youtube channel but it always circles back to writing because I've tried and failed so many times to get something going for the past 10-12 years.
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  7. Garrett L.

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    Put pen to paper, give no fucks, and see what happens!
  8. theagentcoma

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    Best advice I've received all year
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  9. OotyPa


    Haven't been too involved in the literary community around here enough, even though I've been telling myself I would for years. I recently started going to more workshops and events. Still trudging through my novella--which I'm not sure when it'll ever be finished--and the poetry workshops and events are igniting a little motivation to keep going.
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  10. Raku Apr 26, 2018
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    I figured I would give an update...

    2017's NaNoWriMo was somewhat cut short, and ended in failure (due to some family tragedy) which put me on a little hiatus. However, I've slowly been moving back into the writing game when it comes to my current book (sporadically been writing the past few weeks. Just touching up some past chapters, and added in two new ones while also jotting down notes for future edits, and parts).

    I've come to realize that this won't be a novel, but a series of novellas, or novelettes (especially with how I want the first book to end), or novelettes (depending on length I finish). The sequel book should be interesting because I have two branching path ideas I could go based off of the first one... I just need to finish the first book before I can start planning the second book(s).

    My goal is to get something published this year. Even if I have to do a collection of poems, or short stories I've written in the past (and through official, or self-publishing ways).
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  11. Raku


    I forgot to mention, but last night I finally finished the rough draft for my book.

    Now I just need to read it over and edit then get some beta readers for feedback =D
  12. KingofSpain

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    I forgot I followed this until now. Great to hear how y’all are doing out there.

    Have a story getting published in the next month or so, have an application out for a fellowship that I feel pretty good about.

    I got what I think might be a second-tier rejection from a pretty reputable journal the other day; the email ended with “we look forward to reading more of your work!” Which, to the cynic in me, seems ambiguous, but either way, I feel like things are going well here.
  13. Garrett L.

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    Hope you celebrated appropriately. I cried into a glass of wine when I finished my first. Got ice cream for my second.
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  14. theagentcoma

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    if this is the pattern of success after finishing a story then I need to start ASAP
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  15. Raku


    Unfortunately by the time I finished it was three/four in the morning, and I had to go to bed. I was feeling euphoric for a while though.

    I finished editing (most likely I missed some errors) a day after I made my post, but I'm still looking for beta readers. Since this is the first book in a series, I'm thinking of including my notes. The problem being that will spoiler the future storyline =/
  16. xapplexpiex

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    I’m starting a surrealism epic poem. My inspirations are Twin Peaks, Murakami, and some comics I love. I’ve been planning it for a while and need to get started.
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  17. finnyscott

    I'm from New York. No, not the city.

    I always start writing with the intent of it blossoming into a larger novel, or at least a short story, but I almost invariably end up with short little standalone vignettes. But I'm fine with that.

    This was the intended introduction to a story that I may or may not continue with, but I think it ended up working fine as a way to concretize my depression and I don't hate it as a standalone piece.

    Dream Logic

    And these two were written like, four years ago. I've grown a lot since then so don't judge too hard, but I'm still pretty happy with them.

    On Thursdays and Ghosts

    Hope Diverged
  18. Garrett L.

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    Not sure if anyone does Pitch Wars or any of the other book twitter things, but I’ve found them to be fun/helpful in the process. Hope I can get in this year with my current WIP.

  19. theagentcoma

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    I haven't written a blog post in two years, but I sat down yesterday and got some things off of my chest. For anyone who has ever struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression:

    Thoughts On Suicide Pt. IV
  20. finnyscott

    I'm from New York. No, not the city.

  21. OotyPa


    Anyone submit to any particular contests or journals, or any recs for finding the right one to submit to?
  22. theagentcoma

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    I wrote a new blog post today. That's 2 post in 2 months after not writing anything for 2 years. Trying to get back at it. For anyone struggling with low self-worth and just a general hopelessness, I hope it helps somewhat.

    Hate is the Strongest Word
  23. Garrett L.

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    happy nanowrimo! anyone else giving it a go?
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  24. personalmaps

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    I don't think I have the time to do it like, full novel, but I am going to use it as an impetus to really try and focus on writing in my free time since I've made barely any progress. :(
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  25. Garrett L.

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    yeah. i'm a full time retail manager, so i get this. free time during november is at a premium. but i got almost 4k words down this morning. i set a goal to have my third novel drafted by the time i turn 30, so any progress i can make before turning 29 sounds good, considering it usually takes me awhile to get one out on paper.