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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. amorningofsleep

    4am PM

    After hearing this, I'm really hoping ROH finds a way to pull it around.

  2. ROH has zero star power right now. I don't see them pulling in main event talent with the way the other companies are throwing around money. Rush vs. whoever the champ is will not be drawing anyone outside of Mexico.
  3. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    Can't root for a company that has kept Matt Taven as champion for this long when you have Marty, Lethal, Cobb, and Gresham all there. Their tag division is just as trash, if not worse than their women's division.
  4. Marty should have Taven's reign right now.
  5. I don't know if they bother putting it on him. His contract is up the beginning of November.
  6. Yeah I feel like that's why they never pulled the trigger on it
  7. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    Marty as champ between the G1 supercard and whatever show he lost it at before his contract finished would had been 10x better than Taven, the other guy, and dollar store Rob Zombie running around.
  8. I give TKO a ton of credit for coming back from that injury tho
  9. amorningofsleep

    4am PM

  10. Oddpac87

    Here Before You, Here After You Prestigious

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  11. IMG_20190911_182623.jpg
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  12. iamNex


    Good cody promo
  13. Jimnatives


    With the whole KO going to NXT thing I could totally see them doing some kind of Team NXT ( Captained by KO) Vs Team Smackdown ( Captained by Shane) at survivor series.
  14. Looks like the Tokyo Dome stuff is going in the direction we expected.

    If you believe the interview direction, it appears the Tokyo Dome direction is Kazuchika Okada vs. Kota Ibushi for the IWGP title on the 1/4 Tokyo Dome show, and that the winner would then face the IC champion on 1/5 with the idea you’d end the weekend with the first person in company history to hold both titles at the same time. This has not been announced, but both Ibushi and Tetsuya Naito have been talking about holding both belts at the same time with Ibushi talking about winning the IWGP belt the first night and IC belt the second night with the idea of creating history.
  15. If we get KO vs Adam Cole in NXT I will lose my god damn mind
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  16. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    I'm all for this, but wouldn't it make more sense for the IC title to be on night one and the IWGP to be on the second night? Okada is definitely a final boss type and not sub-boss type.
  17. I think the dumbest part is that one of the winners could potentially be a champ for just one day.
  18. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    Eh, they could always play it off as the one day champ didn't have much left in the tank after going to war with the person the night before or something.
  19. devenstonow


    It's probably a lame, "IWGP must headline the 1/4 show for tradition" thing.
  20. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    I could see that especially if everyone thinks the 1/4 show will be better than the 1/5 show
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  22. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    Any of your tri-state nerds coming to wrestlepro with me on Saturday?
  23. amorningofsleep

    4am PM

    I'm hoping for a Undisputed Era/Mount Rushmore reunion.
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  24. Probably a troll but Graves said he’s retiring from commentary

  25. Ruethless

    King of Europe

    But who will yell at Byron now?!
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