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  1. tucah

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    Heel Sasha return, oh fuck yes.
  2. Didn't realize it was Code Orange doing Bray's theme.
  3. PauLo

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    "COULD IT BE... IS IT... IT IS..."

    Cole becomes more and more of a parody of himself every day
  4. Groogz

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    Don’t forget the, “OH MY!”
  5. preppyak Aug 13, 2019
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  6. The Royal Quest NJPW show looks dope.

    1. Narita, Unno, and Taguchi vs R3K

    2. Juice and Ibushi vs Hikuleo and Yujro

    3. Eagles and Ospreay vs ELP and Ishimori

    4. SANADA and Naito vs Chase and Jay

    5. IWGP Heavyweight Tag titles: GoD vs TBD*

    6. NEVER Openweight title: Ishii vs KENTA

    7. British Heavyweight title: ZSJ vs Tanahashi

    8. IWGP Heavyweight title: Okada vs Suzuki
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  7. domotime2

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    King of the ring is such an easy idea to kill a month of programming and give someone a rub as well. People like tournaments.

    Who I wanna see win? McIntyre, Buddy, Andrade, or Sami.
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  8. Groogz

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    SANADA and Naito, not EVIL? Hmm. I'm almost afraid to suggest it, do you think they'd have Shingo team with him to be GoD's challengers?
  9. I think what made Brays entrance at SS so special was commentary shut the fuck up the whole time.
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  10. Charlotte vs Ember again tonight. Guessing they give Charlotte her win lol
  11. Ruethless

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  12. PeacefulOrca

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    Because they did so well the last time they had a show there
  13. tucah

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  14. Tax Evasion is going over
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  16. PeacefulOrca

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    Really hope sasha shows up on smackdown and messes with bayley
  17. Taketimeandfind


    Damn Chrisley has been on for 7 seasons?
  18. shea

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    sort of thought the same thing when she pulled off the wig but i also think they'd want to keep them on separate shows...is that even a thing anymore? i haven't really watched a whole raw or smackdown since the wild card era started..
  19. Fixed Glitch

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    Aside from Sasha, that was a unbearably boring Raw.
  20. Fixed Glitch

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    How dense could they be??? This is just business basics being blatantly missed at this point... How could that even happen?!
  21. Mick

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  22. preppyak

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  23. preppyak

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    If Bray's not on the show tonight, then yeah, I'll be genuinely amazed. But Finn is a SD wrestler, and everyone Bray formerly associated with is on SD too, so it makes sense he'd be there.
  24. devenstonow


    he said o*** h**t
  25. bones


    fuck the impossible whopper