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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. YES
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  2. Die yuppie scum
  3. Klein's seafood, ya mooks
  4. Ruethless

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    No self promotion, Henry
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  5. LuigiPeppercorn

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  7. Ruethless

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    This is rich, coming from you, noted Smash Bros. coward
  8. poppunkpotato2.0

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    im back in jacksonvile in time for the aew show, only to find out i have to leave again day of.
  9. I think you mean Dark Order coward.
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  10. bones


    nothing about New Jersey is good
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  11. Ruethless

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    Oh, is he not getting Ultimate Alliance? Are we going to team up, Henry?
  12. bigmike

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    So many good things in this interview, particularly: Pac is coming eventually and the face that Matt made when talking about CM Punk absolutely shows they've offered him a sweet heart deal of "come here once a month" type thing that CVV floated in the question.
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  13. ill get ultimate alliance
  14. Drew Beringer

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  15. EntryLevelDave

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    Holy shit that's amazing haha
  16. Shrek

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    almost true, Asbury Park is a treasure
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  17. matty

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    Literally the only thing missing is her doing the Kyle air guitar with the trophy.
  18. Hipster
  19. bigmike

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    Also just want to point out for those who haven't watched this interview: the bucks said there was a day after they and kenny got off of the phone with wwe where they said they were going to WWE. They offered them big money, main roster, limited touring schedule, then they ended up meeting with Tony Khan. Also mentioned that WWE likely despises them now, but NJPW hates AEW, too.
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  20. Oddpac87

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    You’re thinking of when Dan used to be here.
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  21. I'll be there in 2 weeks
  22. Ruethless

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    Thank god I'm going on vacation in two weeks
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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  24. Ed gave me your address