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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Apr 15, 2019.

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    I will say he’s a WAY better Tyler breeze. But still that gimmick is so tough to get over with a casual audience.
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    @Henry this is targeted harassment and not like the fun kind where we all hate Dan.
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    I’m giving WWE one more chance until after the PPV. If nothing happens and we still have the same stale routine, I’m out for awhile. I’m interested in checking out AEW, would be nice if they had it on TV, but I get it.
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  5. They will have TV sometime around October? Or something like that
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    Ok so what exactly is Kushida’s character? He comes out every week but they never give any personality traits on him. All I know is he comes out dressed like Marty McFly for some reason. That’s a classic movie but why does he dress like that? I know people talk about how great he was in Japan but obviously I’ve never seen him before. He just has the same match every week. I feel like they are doing him a disservice.

    That promo with Aliyah and Vanessa Borne was terrible. Especially Aliyah. I don’t understand how she and Angelo Dawkins are still around when they’ve been there forever and I don’t even know if I can say they’ve improved.
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    Not sure what more character development you need. Make fun of Back to the Future, get your arm broken. That’s a gimmick with shelf life.

  10. hmm

    I don’t know if this week was a first, but Vince McMahon, Stephanie, HHH and Kevin Dunn all didn’t come to the California tapings. Stephanie is not a regular at TV these days. She only comes when she’s needed which hasn’t been the case of late. HHH decided to go to Florida since they were doing two days of television with four hours each day (eight television shows from 6/19 to 8/8). It’s everything leading into the Toronto Takeover/SummerSlam weekend show. So he felt he needed to be there getting everything ready. Vince had some corporate items that he felt he needed to take care of, and Kevin Dunn isn’t coming to television when Vince isn’t there. Ed Koskey was running around like crazy at Raw kind of in control. Dana Warrior was there working hands on with Lacey Evans. I don’t know that Evans is a Warrior project but she does work heavily with Evans on her promos
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    Looks like Session Moth is signing to NXT UK
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  13. Is it okay to say I'd bang Mick? Or vice versa.
  14. he looks better in person
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  17. What the fuck will her gimmick be lol
  18. I'm just happy I got to see her wrestle three shows over mania weekend. Such a fun character and a delight of a person.
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    Well holy shit, looks like she is.
  21. I don't think she'll be too far off lol

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    Hopefully she doesn't become blue pants adjace
  23. The amount of weight I need to lose is Mick's total body weight
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  24. well do i have the diet for you
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    i know the convo is over but i 100% disagree that Dream's character would fail to get over with a casual audience. it would DEFINITELY die on main but that would be due to the way it would be presented, not the audience. bring it up with the care, consistency, and direction it is given in NXT and it would 1000% get over. he's prob my fav promo there is, maybe Joe.
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