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  1. Shrek

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    the Dream shit is dumb but idc because he is the best in the world
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  2. bigmike

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  3. bigmike

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    He’s not even the best in NXT my dude ;)
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  4. Henry

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  5. This is certainly a fair concern. I think when I say make Smackdown more like NXT, it doesn't have to be identical. But they can certainly take elements from it that work and elements from what they've done in the past and blend them.
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  6. Shrek

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    as a pure bell to bell guy i agree but as an all around performer i think he's first in NXT with room to spare
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  7. bigmike

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    I’d go maybe Cole or gargano ahead of him but it’s splitting hairs, tbh
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  8. My friend, let me introduce you to our Lord and savior Tommaso Ciampa.
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  9. (I personally think Johnny is the best, but Tommaso is one of the only heels to actually get over as a heel and that shit is fucking hard in today's age.)
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  10. Shrek

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    i think if Ciampa were to go pure face without the real life weight of his injury to go off of, he wouldn't get nearly as over as he can as a heel. as a heel Ciampa is unrivaled but Dream can play baby one night and heel the next and get each role just as over
  11. He and Johnny were pure face as a part of DIY and they were over as fuuuuuuuck.
  12. Shrek

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    purely off ring work, Ciampa said himself he let Johnny do all the character work because Ciampa wasnt really comfortable in that role. idk if face Ciampa carrying a program on the mic is compelling for long, but we obviously haven't really gotten a chance to find out
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  13. I think obviously now it'll go over like crazy because of the injury. I totally agree it's hard to judge now, but give him the right heel, it'd def work. Ciampa is just that god damn good. All of them are. The difference between #1 and #10 in NXT is so small it's so crazy. Like, Keith Lee is in NXT and he could be a STUD.
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  14. Joe4th

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    Dream does this kind of stuff all the time, he 100% plays into the character of being a "sports entertainer" not a "wrestler"
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  15. Something like this?

    Johnny Gargano
    Adam Cole
    Tommaso Ciampa
    Velveteen Dream
    Matt Riddle
    Shayna Baszler
    Kyle O'Reilly
    Roderick Strong
    Tyler Breeze

    (This list was made assuming the UK guys don't count. Obviously, Pete Dunne is king.)
  16. Shrek

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    i find Adam Cole to be a much less interesting character than most apparently. he's great in the ring and has great physical charisma but on the mic he is just a guy imo
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  17. He's much better on the mic then the average wrestler though I feel like.
  18. bigmike

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    Huh, interesting. Idk, when he speaks I’m always sucked in. His ring work speaks for itself, obviously. He feels like a Seth Rollins to me; maybe his promos aren’t 100% but the ceiling on them are incredibly high. I think he’s the one guy in NXT I would bet on to survive a main roster call up. Even then, it’s probably 50/50 lol.
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  19. preppyak Jun 12, 2019 at 12:38 PM
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    This was the question i was just about to ask. Is there anyone on the NXT roster that could out-live the main roster curse?

    Shayna and maybe Dream are the only two I can see surviving because they are so different than what the current roster has. Though if Shayna starts getting 50/50'd or Sonya Deville'd, she'd fade away too.
  20. bigmike

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    I struggle to find a situation where Dream’s character gets over with the main roster. Likely not due to him or the audience but the writing.
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  21. Dude this is not hyperbole, I don't see how ANYONE established or not gets over on the main roster right now. For the first time in 7 years I have completely abandoned WWE programming. It is so bad right now, I really hope it bottoms out soon and SOMETHING happens.
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  22. Oddpac87

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    Talking about the top people in NXT and not including big Stoke smh
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  23. Nick

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    I think Cole is the best all rounder of the guys currently in NXT
  24. Johnny's my guy so he's gonna be #1 for me. You just don't see many other guys putting on the matches he does. He's top 5 in the world with Omega, Okada, Styles and Orange Cassidy.
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  25. OC is best in the world let's be honest