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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. preppyak

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    The sad reality of having 2 PPVs between the Rumble and WM.

    Its bad because Becky has already bested Charlotte clean multiple times. Beat her clean at HIAC. Beat her at the end of the Rumble. The only time Charlotte's won was a triple threat that she didnt belong in.

    But, since we know they're gonna force this, at least they're making becky the face. Compared to post-Summerslam.
  2. Drew Beringer

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    seriously the smackdown title is either gonna be pre-show fodder or the cool down match before the Universal match or something

    hell the women tag belts are being presented as being more important than the smackdown women's title
  3. M.Lee

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    I also wanna point out that Becky winning a triple threat vs Becky pinning Ronda 1v1 clean in her first ever loss are so totally fucking different. The rub from the match is gonna be like almost nonexistent now.
  4. Drew Beringer

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    guarantee that Charlotte will be the raw women's champ by SummerSlam

    the Becky Lynch WrestleMania moment just lost all its luster and meaning
  5. Henry

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    Fighting with my Family is reviewing pretty well.
  6. LuigiPeppercorn

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    The only real problem I have with Charlotte being in the match is now she's to real obstacle Becky has to overcome at Mania, not Ronda. Which Means the show still ends with Becky on top, but we don't get the big moment of Ronda taking the pin or tapping. Charlotte in the match is more of a way to protect Ronda than anything else. At this point, Ronda is only there for her star power. The real main event is Charlotte/Becky. That said, I loved the execution of inserting her and yeah, the crowd is going to start taking over shows, which is what they want.
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  7. bones


    Charlotte stinks and it's absolutely mind-blowing to me that anyone gives a fuck about the MMA horsewomen and wants to see that feud
  8. bones


    "this is planting the seeds for the horsewomen feud" is the new "this is planting the seeds for three stages of hell"
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  9. Joe4th

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    Charlotte/Becky/Ronda is a better match than just Becky/Ronda from an in ring perspective. On top of that we get heel Charlotte back which is a lot better. They clearly don't want Ronda to be a heel, so this gets them around it.

    If Becky still wins, she'll look even better, beating both Ronda and Charlotte.

    But if she loses, yeah this whole thing fucking sucks.
  10. PeacefulOrca

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    Bigger problem is they think this is rock vs austin when Ronda is getting booed every single night
  11. Taketimeandfind


    I want to believe that they are just toying with the fans and it’s going to end up being one on one. They know what the fans want. But who knows
  12. LuigiPeppercorn

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    Becky is 100% winning, this just gives Charlotte the spot they've been building to for years. Nobody should worry about Becky going over
  13. oldjersey

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    AAF football >>> WWE Wrestling
  14. Ruethless

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  15. Mick

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    I do agree with all of this. I think the biggest issue here is that there's way too much time between now and Mania, especially when you have Becky showing up on both shows each week. They feel like they need something every single week to progress the storyline and keep the angle hot and now they're shooting themselves in the foot with totally unnecessary twists and turns. Instead of the injury thing turned into a corporation thing turned into a Charlotte thing, they could have simply leaned in totally and said, "Becky and Ronda, you two are going to be the biggest thing at Mania this year and there's no way want to jeopardize that, so you guys are going to be taking it easy for the next couple weeks." And if you want them butting heads with the McMahons, just have both Becky and Ronda be annoyed with that and refuse to sit on the sidelines. At the same time, you should be building up Charlotte vs Asuka II for the SDL title, which has felt like beyond an afterthought since TLC. Which is a bummer, because Asuka is possibly the only person on the roster the crowd wouldn't turn on for taking the belt off Becky and was hot going into the match, too. She's been on TV like, twice since then!
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  16. domotime2

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    I'll take the minority route in all this then because while i want Becky vs Ronda 1v1, as that's clearly great enough to headline wrestlemania.... i'm a sucker for attitude era swerves, especially ones that fit the smark narrative. We all knew Charlotte was going to be in the match. This was an unfortunate rumor for the internet wrestling fans out their forEVER. So with that said, if we HAVE to do this, at least lets do it in a way that's surprising, interesting, and doesn't insult our intelligence.

    If Charlotte was doing her stupid :"no character" thing and got into the match by beating Becky at fastlane or something..that would be worse.

    PLUS, hey, we have 2 months. Call me a sucker, but anything can happen until then.

    I loved that raw last night because it kept me interested from 8 until 11. It forced me to watch all that crap in the middle.
  17. oldjersey

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    I'm just happy there will be a main event at mania with you know, an actual main fucking event feel for once.
  18. bigmike

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    Domo you’re a sucker.
  19. Taketimeandfind


    Ok. Seeing this made me realize Charlotte is being added to make sure Ronda isn’t booed
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  20. domotime2

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    but that's fine. I know it's going to be a triple threat. That's not the driving part of my point. Give me a storyline that makes me want to watch every week and i'm happy. I genuinely can't wait to see what happens next.

    That trumps my love for a specific wrestler.

    I've wanted this for Reigns since reigns existed and im getting it in Charlotte. I'll take it.
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  21. domotime2

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    now that's the truth
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  22. Mick

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    Agree with the direction they're taking this all in or not, it's pretty awesome if you take a step back and realize that a storyline in the women's division is getting this level of attention from WWE creative, to the point where 3 of the 4 authority figures are directly involved, including Vince himself. All in the build to Mania, too. Yes, I know it's Ronda, but without what Becky and Charlotte have been doing in-ring, going back to their time in NXT (along with many other members of the roster), this doesn't seem plausible at all.
  23. slowheart

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    Hopefully Becky crashes Ric’s birthday celebration in two weeks and sprays everyone in the ring with some type of beverage
  24. PeacefulOrca

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    Ginger ale
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  25. domotime2

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    If someone would've told me three years ago that becky would be interacting with Vince McMahon on raw to create buzz for the wrestlemania main event... sign me up.

    And becky throwing ric flair threw a cake...
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