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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Aug 17, 2018.

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  1. domotime2

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    gotta give them credit. Clearly it's not about money at this point for the Bucks and Cody. They're all set for life and with that WWE offer... it would've completely locked them up financically.

    but it seems like they're more interested in "changing the world". respect
  2. Ruethless

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  3. Fixed Glitch

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    What if AEW fails... Such a big risk for these guys if they really are turning down big money offers. If AEW fails, then Vince will hold all the power. I'd be nervous to take that chance.
  4. Ruethless

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    I'm sure ROH and NJPW would welcome the bucks back no problem, probably Cody too
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  5. preppyak

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    I guess define failure. If AEW becomes ROH with a better TV deal...a distant #2 but still cycling talent and putting on shows...and they have management jobs in the process...that feels like a bigger win than being a cog in the WWE machine.

    Just on merch alone they can make a solid living. And the schedule is so much better (likely only working 1 show a week + PPVs...presumably with some house shows or NJPW dates sprinkled in). The Bucks worked 75 matches between WK12 and WK13. Seth Rollins has worked 75 matches since July 1st...158 matches since this time last year.

    Honestly, I see NJPW allowing AEW to be their american wing and dumping ROH longer term.
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  6. bigmike

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    Then they continue having the top merch lines in independent wrestling and go back to ROH and NJPW. They're at a point, in my opinion, where they can basically do no wrong and will be able to draw on the indies until they choose to retire.
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  7. Yeah ROH is fucked
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  8. Henry

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    I'm not sure there is an end date to ROH's relationship with NJPW. I think I remember something about it potentially ending after Supercard.
  9. Everyone is talking like it's over soon after the MSG show.

    Can't ROH just partner up with AEW too? Just everyone combine forces against WWE.
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  10. Ruethless

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    No, keep Matt Taven away from AEW
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  11. bigmike

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    ROH is on television. Doubtful they'd want to team up with another promotion that is also going to be on television.
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  12. AEW wanted Bandido supposedly and ROH wasted no time signing him to an exclusive deal. Along with Brody King.

    Doubt we'll see ROH + AEW working together at all.
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  13. Henry

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    This is important.
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  14. They are gonna get desperate. What they want ain't gonna matter.
  15. Henry

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  16. PeacefulOrca

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    Fuck that
  17. Ruethless

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    I'd rather them bring back Meat or any of the other shitty characters they introduced in some of the earlier games than her
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  18. Shrek

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    i think the thing i am most insterested in with AEW is the “wins and losses will matter” bit. it’s especially a little funny because Jericho has shouted that wins and losses don’t matter from a mountain top for forever.

    it’s going to be really hard to make that happen for any product with weekly TV without devolving into 50/50 booking or a plethora of distraction roll ups. we’ve seen companies try, as recently as that like week long “Smackdown Top Five” concept or whatever. Impact did a similar ranking system. it is often antithetical to telling multiple stories up and down the roster consistently

    i feel like we see the return of the time limit draw, and i’d be all kinds of down for that.
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  19. Ruethless

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    They should adopt Chikara's model and give the winner of 3 matches in a row a title shot.
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  20. I think we see lots of NJPW style tag wrestling, but even with that it's tough. New Japan doesn't have that much TV.
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  21. Shrek

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    the concern there is weekly tag mish mosh is what WWE fans are already tired of
  22. Oddpac87

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    Something similar to the Chikara points system is an easy way to implement wins and losses matter.

    EDIT: Of all people to get ninja'd by....
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  23. Ruethless

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  24. That's true. The terrible redundant booking is what kills it for WWE though. As well as lack of variety, who knows how wide the spectrum will be for wrestlers in AEW , I feel like they will have a lot of talent involved. They also won't have to be featured every week.
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  25. Khan being the head of creative is interesting.

    Hope he puts good people around him. He’s gonna need it.

    I also laughed way too hard when Meltzer made a point to note that Khan had been a subscriber for 22 years
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