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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by angrycandy, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. the rural juror

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    LC pizza is terrible, but their Italian cheesy bread is actually surprisingly good. That alone should keep it out of first place.

    Sbarro should absolutely be running away with this. There is no other right choice.
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  5. thesoftskeleton


    just letting everyone know i did read the thread title right this time. cc: @dylan
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  6. Max_123

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    Oh shit were you a server? What year? If you were chances are you were probably my server at one point lol
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  7. Ken

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    It did have a place, but now it is dying, thankfully.

    Cpk is lousy pizza priced way too high. Never again.
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  8. Colby Searcy

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    What do you mean it's dying?
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  9. Ken

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    Filed for bankruptcy a couple years ago. Out of it now, but not doing well.
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  10. BlueEyesBrewing

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    I was a busser, so took drink orders and ran food out and cleaned off tables. This was spring/summer 2003
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  11. supernovagirl

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    Exactly haha that’s why I was so disappointed. Such a high price for not being impressed.

    But I also remember thinking that about sbarro last time I had it so lol

    Also whoever said fuck pizza by the slice I too say WAT.
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  12. Ken

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    Imagine a world where you couldn’t buy pizza by the slice. Sounds like hell. I lived on slices growing up.
  13. Your Milkshake

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    alot of the time buying pizza by the slice is a good way to get un-fresh pizza
  14. Anthony_

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    fun fact: Hot n Ready has been my nickname since high school
  15. Ken

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    What was your nickname before that?
    Cold and dylatory?
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  16. Anthony_

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  17. this is a family friendly thread, Anthony
  18. Anthony_

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    what do you mean?
  19. Your Milkshake

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    cant have a family without nut
  20. those are some pretty provocative nicknames there, bud. I might have to tag this thread NSFW
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  21. Anthony_

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    Why? They called me Nutrageous because I love that candy bar and they called me Hot N Ready because I'm a big fan of LC's.

    You're really weirding me out rn, ngl
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  22. Your Milkshake

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    at least they didnt call him the CP K
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  23. just a joke. you're the one with the weird nicknames
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  24. jorbjorb

    I'm so much cooler online.

    The pizza I had in Italy was a joke.
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  25. Anthony_

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    Plz be nice to me plz