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  1. fowruok Mar 28, 2019
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    No single day tickets being sold.

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    Sunday is so good.
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  3. manoverboard365


    No single days. Music runs from 11am to midnight, except for Saturday when Dead & Co plays till 1am. 5th stage also being announced soon with comedians.
  4. somethingwitty


    According to the town board meeting and info from the organizers, all three stages will be the same size. Sets on Peace and Love will have very little overlap due to their placement.

    The Peace headliner will probably be up against the headliner on the Music stage.

    Can't wait to finally get to see Pussy Riot live.
  5. manoverboard365


    Ah that's actually comforting to hear. So on Friday I can do Miley and The Killers. And on Saturday I can do all of The Black Keys, all of Chance, and the last hour of Dead & Co.
  6. somethingwitty


    I'm curious as to if they'll have unopposed headliners, I get the feeling that they may try to give The Killers, Dead & Co, and Jay Z unopposed sets.
  7. manoverboard365


    I'd love for that to be the case, but if they're planning on 100,000 people coming to this I feel like they have to spread out the crowd. Plus it'll be nice for people who aren't fans of Dead & Co to have something else to watch.

    I personally would love to be able to see all 6 headliners though lol
  8. Maddy


    ....Until 3 day sales start to struggle
  9. fowruok Mar 29, 2019
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    Normally, I'd agree. But I'm going to choose to believe them when they say it's logistics-based. There's only one road leading to Watkins Glen. With single days, traffic would be a nightmare.
  10. Wharf Rat

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    Summer Jam at Watkins Glen in 73 drew 600,000 for the Dead/Allmans/Band and...traffic was bad:

    Watkins Glen Summer Jam rock concert drew 600,000 in 1973

    The Summer Jam those residents remembered included a 100-mile long traffic jam, impassable roads and overwhelmed public services. Traffic backed up on the Thruway at Geneva, with the Southern Tier Expressway had yet to be built. Routes 14 and 414 were clogged. When traffic stopped and concert time got close, fans simply abandoned cars and walked.

    Sounds like they've built more roads and will have less people, though
  11. domotime2

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    the lineup is..... okay. i dont know want to say it's terrible. In fact, i like how it's not 1000+ bands and the simplicity of it a lot. Just dont think it has the variety or like "yeah...this feels like a woah lineup". Love the older acts for sure
  12. MegT585

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    The Black Keys dropped off of this.
  13. manoverboard365


    People on Facebook are freaking out that The Black Keys dropping out means that something fishy is going on with the fest.

    But honestly when I heard that they dropped off I instantly got excited that someone more interesting would replace them.
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  14. Cmoney86


    There’s rumors going around that ticket sales have been delayed and it’s been cancelled
  15. manoverboard365


    Yeah something totally sketchy is going on. First The Black Keys drop off, now the ticket onsale set for Monday has been "postponed" with nothing further said. Wasn't there an issue last month right before the lineup announcement that bands hadn't been paid their advance yet?
  16. riotspray

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    Fyre Fest II
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  17. domotime2

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    I mean it's already been happening but weve seen this coming for years. The festival bubble is gonna burst. Every city in america has a festival now...they cant all make it and thrive.
  18. josh-

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    The lineup sucks and appeals to no demographic and there’s already too many festivals
  19. Fronnyfron

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    The festival bubble argument is valid, but this is a one-off event. I thought it would be fine/sell great.
  20. domotime2

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    I think having TWO woodstocks festivals muddied the conversation a bit... i think the marketting has been bad, like they haven't done a good job hyping this thing at all... and yeah, the lineup isn't WOAH (but then again, with sooooooooooooo many festivals, it's really hard to make a festival THAT unique ya know. BUT even with that, this isn't that great).

    I'd also say the location of this thing (near Syracuse) is a little daunting, although a lot of festivals are in weird spots so.

    I dont know, i just dont see anything that appealing to this thing. I blame marketting, lineup, oversaturation, and location.
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  21. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    it's postponed because the organizers didn't know you need permits from the health department to have that many people lol
  22. domotime2

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    Wait....isnt that the same thing that happened at Woodstock 69? Is this a work?
  23. fowruok

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    In an interview, organizers have said that three-day passes will cost around $450.

    In comparison, Lollapalooza is $340, Coachella is $429, Firefly is $309, and Bonnaroo is currently $339 (but started at $279). Insane.
  24. manoverboard365


    $450, and that's without service fees, and probably doesn't include camping passes.

    Lineup is good, but not like $600 good.
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  25. sam_might_say

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