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  1. Maddy McKinley


    I've just written my first blog about female athletes and taking ownership of their image.
    Please read, RT and comment. Naked Female Athlete Photoshoots: A step forward for feminism or a giant backwards leap? https://tmblr.co/ZJMnzV2nEBPsh
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  2. morgantayler Jan 31, 2020
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    I know the USWNT’s CONCACAF competition is not the best besides Canada but my god Tobin. This goal is nasty.

  3. oakhurst


    I’m looking forward to the inevitable USA v Canada/Mexico in the knockout bracket
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  4. orangehorizon


    I don't even know if it is actually a goal because the ball might just go out as well. Either way, there is absolutely nothing nasty about it.