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  1. orangehorizon


    Then you haven't watched many games yet. Once a team leads 3-0 they usually take it very easy afterwards. And especially in a tournament where there are more important games to play, this makes absolutely sense.
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  2. clucky

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    if the US had celebrated after an own goal then you'd maybe have a point
  3. orangehorizon


    You completely misunderstood my post, on purpose or not. Of course discussing differences between the mens and womens game is completely valid. But your post made it seem like the bad behavior of the women was only highlighted because they are women. This is not the case, as pointed out by multiple users now.

    And to quote Hope Solo of all players...
    She is just a bad human being that is good at playing football.
  4. Drew Beringer

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    You’re right I haven’t watched many football matches


    I hope they drop 20 goals next match lol
  5. Drew Beringer

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    As a competitor that would drive me crazy
  6. Garrett L.

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    I would 100% rather lose by 13 than 3-0 and be toyed with.
  7. orangehorizon


    Ask the Thai ladies, they probably would have preferred a 3-0...
  8. orangehorizon


    What a stupid reply. Just solidifies my opinion of you.
  9. preppyak

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    Oh, Im saying the reaction on the mens side would be mostly joy to watch a team get their ass kicked like that. People certainly wouldnt be bitching like they are about the womens team. 13-0 is just the reality of the disparity between the teams (and the fact that Thailand had to use a ton of energy in the 1st half to keep it to 3-0).

    BTW, this I agree with. Celebrations like this at 9-0 are kind of silly

  10. morgantayler

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  11. Drew Beringer

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    And I don’t care enough to even have an opinion of you
  12. morgantayler

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    In all seriousness, this is another example of people only pretending to care when there is a negative spin being put on women's soccer. Nobody would care if this is the men's World Cup.

    Also, the USWNT dropped 9 against Thailand the last time they played them in a friendly and no one gave a shit then. It's just ridiculous.
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  13. orangehorizon


    Another great reply. That you even have a side job here on this site is a joke, considering the high standards people are generally hold up here.

    But seriously, you just shouldn't post on a football forum (or to make it clear for you: "soccer" forum) at all. It just makes you look like a complete asshole. You obviously do not understand anything about this game, other than it being a nice entertainment for you.
  14. morgantayler

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    This is the correct take, goodnight.

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  15. dallasc


    The whole faux outrage is dumb as shit and in my opinion it’s the World Cup score 20 goals If you can, but to be fair this conversation happens in men’s sports all the time. Starters get benched at the end of blowouts, guys take shot clock violations instead of shooting when there’s time left, a college coach might literally fight the other one if they went for 2 up 30 so far don’t really see that part of the argument.

    But again I think all of that is stupid go for the throat this is the World Cup
  16. morgantayler

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  17. Preserved Moose Jun 11, 2019
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    Preserved Moose

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    Anyone talking about goals is missing the point. It’s not about the number of goals! Score 50 if you can. Great. That’s your job. Do it and move on. It’s about professional courtesy for your opponent.

    Here. Barcelona go 7-0 up. Alves and Thiago start doing a wacky little dance. Puyol runs over and says stop being jerks. It's not something people have suddenly made up tonight to insult women.

  18. orangehorizon


    That's exactly the thing we are talking about here the whole time. But the Americans just cannot or don't want to understand it. They just feel that they are diminished in their pride if they cannot even start fireworks to celebrate their 13th goal against Thailand.
    The difference between countries with football culture and the US could not be better illustrated.
  19. Garrett L.

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    USWNT's rout of Thailand and the question of sportsmanship

    Seems the Thai players nor coach had a problem with anything—scoreline or celebration. So there’s that argument debunked.

    Alex and Carli were incredibly sportsman like going to the other players for encouragement after the match. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones.

    American sports is full of celebration swagger. Sports are fun. Celebrating is fun. Ask any basketball player dancing down court hitting a shot. Ask any baseball player doing a bat flip. Ask any cornerback blocking a pass, a lineman getting a sack... The score doesn’t matter. Having fun with your team does. That’s how we play sports here.

    Sorry it’s rubbed y’all the wrong way but it is what it is. It’s the World Cup. We’re the reigning champs. Everyone wants to see us lose anyway. You’re always the villain as the reigning champ.
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  20. Nobody should take anyone seriously if they’re pejoratively accusing anyone of “playing the ________ card”
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  21. bobby_runs

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    Must not have seen Manchester City take down Burton 9-0 in the EFL Cup.
  22. Preserved Moose

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    Unrestrained celebrations and a lack of humility and for some reason “Everyone wants to see us lose.” Hmm, i wonder why......haha.

    I actually love showboating and arrogant sports stars. Give me all the back heels and no look passes and Ali shuffles and 360 dunks you have. Nick Kyrigos is my favourite tennis player and he’s widely regarded as a disrespectful asshole by purists cos he's always throwing tantrums and showing off.

    It's about the context of the match. All these tweets about funding and “blaming” FIFA or the federations of countries etc only add to the argument AGAINST celebrating that hard because everyone knows the gap between the teams is so huge. Against France or Germany no big woop. Against minnows it's just classless.

    I'm not going to start shitting on America (cos I love you guys!) but I really think it does just highlight the difference in cultures. The ruthless American drive is probably part of the reason why they excel at so many sports. 25ish years ago when I was a kid in a tiny school here in lil ol' England we had an upcoming game against an even smaller school and our teachers actually EXPLICITLY told us not to celebrate when we scored and not to rub it in because everyone knew they heavily lose every game. I might be wrong but I can't imagine shit like that ever happening in America.
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  23. Mrplum5089


    When I played in high school we would do shit like goals from headers only or setting up teammates for scorpion kicks. And when coach told us to pass it around we’d just have that poor striker chase the ball around the back line all game. In retrospect we weren’t the most respectful lol but I think diverting from your gameplan is a lot more offensive than just playing your game.
  24. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

    Just going to say that I play soccer pretty regularly in a rec league and we aren't the best of teams. Whenever we get a good beating I'd much rather the opposing team continue to attack and play the game as normal than them just kicking the ball around to play keep-away and making us chase it for half the match.

    I know that it's just my opinion and in no way to I intend to compare playing in a rec league to the World Cup. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd rather the other team continue playing as usual instead of toying with me via keep-away.
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  25. Preserved Moose

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    That's cool and sound fun actually haha. I've made a mockery of opponents in the course of a game too. Again, it's not about diverting from plans and easing up. If you're good enough to do fancy shit they can't handle then that's not your problem.

    If I nutmeg you 3 times in a row and then flick it up and overhead kick in the top corner to make it 10 nil to my team that's fine. It's part of the game. You had the chance to stop me but couldn't. Tough luck. No sympathy. BUT if afterwards I start doing a chicken dance for 6 minutes and doing cartwheels around the place and pull a guitar out of my bag and start playing a solo with my teeth you'd probably think I was a dick haha. I'm entitled to do it but it doesn't reflect well on me.
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