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Women/POC/LGBTQ+ in Entertainment Thread

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by xkaylinh, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Kind of like The Female Artists Thread and POC/LGBTQ+ Musicians Thread but for entertainment

    For news and discussion of representation in general, go to Representation in Art/Entertainment/Media.

    For recommendations and discussion of particular writers/directors/actors and their work, post here.

    The way I see it, this could function as a sort of sister thread to the Representation thread: whereas that would be a place to post news of casting choices and such in future films and shows, in a sense looking forward, this thread would be looking back to the past and celebrating inclusion both in front of and behind the camera.

    To be honest, my creating this thread is a bit self-serving; after all the recent news of white men in the entertainment industry (and elsewhere) being terrible people, and as my interests have naturally shifted over the past few years, I feel the need to watch more and more narratives where they aren't at the helm.

    So yeah. If you've come across anything worth seeing that might have been overlooked, post about it here. Or if you want to talk about something that's already popular, that's cool, too!
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  2. I still need to see Get Out.
  3. mad

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    I highly recommend this one!
  4. I wonder if I can keep up a sort of Weekly Artist Spotlight. Maybe others can help out, because I might be inclined to post only about Asians...

    Charlyne Yi - actress
    Known for:
    Dr. Park - House,
    herself - Paper Heart,
    Ruby, various other voices - Steven Universe,
    various Judd Apatow projects

    Currently, you can see her in:
    The Disaster Artist

    She's pretty quirky in the things I've seen her in, as well as in interviews and such. I haven't actually seen a lot of Judd Apatow movies, or Paper Heart. The trailer for the latter looks delightful; I should look it up at some point. I'm hoping to catch The Disaster Artist later this month. I looked her up on YouTube and apparently she makes music as well, which is so awesome.
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  5. (Should I be doing this in the Representation thread?)
  6. jjnunn118

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    I think this might be a more fitting place, but you'll get more traffic in the Representation thread since more people are subbed to that one.
  7. This Week's Spotlight:

    Kelly Marie Tran -actress
    Currently, you can see her in:

    SHE'S VIET (like me). IN A STAR WARS FILM. AND SHE'S BAD. ASS. Fuck the haters, this is the best thing ever.

    Reasons why she's the best:
    Kelly Marie Tran's Emotional Star Wars Premiere Night Will Make Your Cold Heart Beat Again
    Kelly Marie Tran Overhears Fans Talking About Her, Has The Sweetest Response | HuffPost
    Q&A: 'The Last Jedi' breakout Kelly Marie Tran on her whirlwind 'Star Wars' journey and Rose's future