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Who are your most bitter rivals?

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Henry, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Henry

    Moderator Moderator

    Which athletes are teams do you have a strong sentiment against? Why?

    A lot of people may not like specific players for the amount of flash they show on the field or maybe their off field personas. A lot of it with good reason.

    DUKE- Over the years, they've been the UNC killers and just an overall powerhouse that I detest.

    Dallas Cowboys- So many reasons. Mostly the huge fanbase in NJ that won't shut the hell up about them.

    Detroit Red Wings- My first year as a Flyers fan, they were swept by the RW's in the finals. That made me a sad panda.

    NY Rangers- Had a really bad experience with a lot of fans at MSG. It isn't so much a hatred of the organization as it is the fanbase. I'm a hockey fan first, and I don't care much for storied rivalries.
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  2. Brenden

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    1. I've always been a Duke fan.
    2. Their academic scandal is a huge embarrassment for the school but also shows the NCAA is only into money and not truly into enforcing standards. That program should seriously get a death sentence not that different than what SMU got in the 80s.
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  3. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    As a Barcelona fan:

    Real Madrid. Socio-economic history aside (and that's a doctorate thesis in and of itself), I find the team full of incredibly talented, incredibly petulant players. For every player I like (Keylor Navas chief of those), there are four players I outright despise. They're a group of divas who undoubtedly earn the hype, but never play like a team (which shows their talent, because if they could manage to play like a team, they'd be even better than they are).

    Bayern Munich is in the same category for me (:heart: you Thiago and Xabi), but they have a better team philosophy than Madrid.

    As a Tennessee Vol:

    In descending order: Alabama, Florida, Georgia.


    Rafa Nadal. I will root against him in every match I ever see him play. He's incredible, but I've disliked him from his very start. Most of the players I actively rooted against have retired at this point.
  4. PyramidPostcard

    avocado squirrel rides again Prestigious

    St. Louis Cardinals - I'm a Cubs fan so obviously I have some bias, but, fuck, that "Cardinal way" nonsense their players and fans constantly ramble about annoys the fuck out of me.
    Miami Marlins - Horribly run franchise and I have bad memories of the '03 NLCS.

    Green Bay Packers - Bears fan. No other real reason.
    New England Patriots - I want to punch Tom Brady in his face tbh, but I won't, because I'm a good person.
    Dallas Cowboys: Same as the last one, but for Jerry Jones.

    Los Angeles Lakers - Lived in LA from like '98-'07 so I had to put up with a lot of hype while my Bulls were terrible, plus I can't stand Kobe.

    If I did individual athletes, I'd probably go on forever so i'll avoid it haha.
  5. Brenden

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    Cubs Way
  6. John Lopiano

    aka Broken Parachute Moderator

    If it's a team in Philly, I don't like it. Simple. Lovely city though.
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  7. Fucking Dustin

    Hey now we'll be okay Supporter


    I think the reasons explain themselves
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  8. DarkHotline

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    I really hate the Cardinal Way as a Cards fan, it's so fucking tacky. Fret not, I hate the fans too. So much to a point to where I don't even want to go games and be around them, the entitlement that a lot of them possess is beyond irritating.
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  9. DarkHotline Mar 25, 2016
    (Last edited: Apr 22, 2016)

    I’ll teach you to be happy! Prestigious

    Chicago Cubs: Cardinals fan here so that explains itself. I do look forward to watching them play this season, it's the shot in the arm the rivalry really needed. I do dread how the fanbase will be if the Cubs get a title, my darkest fear is that they turn into a fanbase worse then the Red Sox turned into after they won in '04.

    Boston Red Sox: Speaking of Boston, fuck them forever for '13. I wasn't mad about '04, I was happy they got a title after all those years. After that though, the fanbase has turned into one of the most irritating, woe-is-me self pity parties (like all Boston sports) I've ever seen. Also, I for the life of me cannot understand how you can make that money and still be unable to acquire decent players.

    San Francisco Giants: Not so much the team, they're a solid group and fun to watch. My ire is towards their fans and all that stupid even year crap they started after the team won titles every other year. Really hope the D-Backs rise above and crush them in the standings so I never again have to hear that. Call me petty but we all have quirks.


    Chicago Blackhawks: Never I have met more entitled, fart-sniffing, arrogant pricks then the Blackhawks fans I've run into after they find out I'm a Blues fan. Fuck Patrick Kane.

    Los Angeles Kings: Watching them destroy the Blues in the playoffs broke my heart. Sick color scheme theme tho.


    Los Angeles Rams: Spent most of my life watching that team in St. Louis, they were my team. Watching them split after the city bent themselves backwards to keep them, while Stan (with help from the NFL) shit on the floor and badmouthed the city on the way out, is something I will never forgive him for doing or the NFL for allowing it to happen. I will never support that team again and I hope that their streak of being garbage amplifies out there. Oh and fuck their fans for taunting and insulting the people here for losing their team, you deserve to have garbage after that.
  10. phaynes1


    New York Yankees: I mean if I have to explain to you why a Red Sox fan would dislike the Yankees, welcome to baseball!


    Detroit Red Wings: This one doesn't get too much play anymore after the realignment a few years back, but yeah, growing up a Blackhawks fan in the 90s really made this one rough

    Los Angeles Kings: Still get flustered thinking about Game 7 of the '14 conference finals.


    Ohio State University: Cannot stand Urban Meyer, and much like the Red Wings, they were in the Badgers division for a while too. Not gonna like playing them in football this upcoming year, after getting a bit of a break for a few years.

    Duke: Purely basketball here. I actually like their football program decently enough since we never face them.

    Notre Dame: Do I need a real reason?


    All of the London teams not Tottenham
    Man Shitty
  11. cryates

    Trusted Prestigious

    A++++++ on your analysis of Blackhawks fans. Although, I do personally like the few who post on ap.
  12. smoke4thecaper

    out of context reference Supporter

    This sounds fun.

    The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or whatever they fucking call themselves and the Texas Rangers. As a diehard Mariners fan, they have both long been the thorn in my side. Always there to humiliate and crush my hopes. Yankees, too, I guess... but I don't even give that much of a shit anymore; I get more annoyed w/ the coverage of them over the team itself.

    Niners, Cowboys and Rams. I'm a Seahawks fan, so I know - not much room to talk since generally, we're an obnoxious bunch, too, but the Niner fans I meet are never anything but inflammatory and dickish. At least Steeler fans are generally quiet and respectful. Cowboys bc fuck Jerry Jones and their dumb fanbase. Rams might be a weird one, but I think it all started with Mark Bulger, Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. Those dudes always fucked my day up.

    College: For football, I'm a UW Husky fan. Oregon and WSU are really the only two programs I don't like. Many of my friends are Cougs and I have family who are Ducks. They're all equally annoying as hell. Plus, Oregon fans might be the rudest, cockiest little shits in the nation. They think they're the OSU of the NW. Part of me wants USC to get back to their winning ways just to shut those people up.
    For hoops, I'm a KU fan (long story), and while I'll always have a hatred for Mizzou, it isn't the same anymore. Iowa St, K-State and Oklahoma can go fuck themselves, though.

    NBA: Fuck the Thunder. I'm from Seattle, soooo yeah.

    I don't follow NHL closely enough to hate any particular team.
  13. DarkHotline

    I’ll teach you to be happy! Prestigious

    It's still weird to me that the SuperSonics aren't a thing anymore.
  14. Slangster

    Won "Best Hog" at the Hog Shit Snarfing Contest Supporter

    MLB: As an Orioles fan living near DC for half the year, the Nationals and their fans are super annoying. Also, the Yankees and Red Sox, because c'mon.

    NFL: Washington fan. The Cowboys, Giants, and Seahawks can all go straight to hell. First two are obvious, and I hate Seattle because before this year, they had eliminated us from the playoffs 4 trips in a row. I also follow a lot of Seahawk fans on Twitter for some reason and it's the worst.

    NHL: Caps fan. Used to despise Pittsburgh so much when the Ovi/Crosby rivalry was at its peak. Still hate them, but not as fervently. Also loathe the Rangers mostly because I swear we've met in the playoffs like eight years in a row and it always goes to game seven and I just can't handle it anymore.

    College: Mizzou fan/soon-to-be grad. Will always hate kU, I don't care if we don't play each other in the main sports anymore (sorry @smoke4thecaper lol). Also hate South Carolina for ruining the football team's perfect season in 2013, and Alabama for, well, being Alabama. I also grew up a Maryland fan and thus Duke will hold a special realm of hatred in my jet black heart for all eternity.
  15. smoke4thecaper

    out of context reference Supporter

    I know.... :tear:
  16. jorbjorb

    7 rings

    The Habs stink.
  17. Montauk1222

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    Canadiens, Yankees, Lakers, Jets, New York Giants. Team loyalty.
  18. jkauf

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    I'm a fan of all the DC teams so...

    Dallas Cowboys
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Philadelphia Flyers
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Pittsburgh Penguins
    Atlanta Braves
    New York Mets
    New York Rangers
    Syracuse Orange
  19. New Orleans Saints - scum

    Duke - scum

    Chelsea - scummiest
  20. xbrokendownx

    Lets Go. Prestigious

    New England Patriots
    New York Rangers
    Philadelphia Flyers
    New York Jets
  21. ClarettsGreyGoose Mar 31, 2016
    (Last edited: Mar 31, 2016)

    I wish I had changed my user name... Prestigious

    Patriots. No, not because I'm a jealous Bills fan, but because they're just a thoroughly unenjoyable dynasty with an awful, fickle fanbase.

    NCAA Football - Clemson, Georgia

    NHL - Leafs
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  22. CarpetElf Mar 31, 2016
    (Last edited: Aug 4, 2016)

    douglas Prestigious

    NCAAF - Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Miami, Ole Miss, Baylor, Florida State, Arizona State
    NFL - Washington, Cowboys, Pats, Colts, Texans, 49ers
    NHL - Rangers, Flyers, Leafs, Panthers, Canadiens
    NBA - Heat, Spurs
    MLB - The entirety of the AL East
    Premier - Arsenal, Man Utd.
  23. Andrew Shores

    I was totally nervous to go to Japan.

    I'm a Broncos guy, so...

    NFL - Patriots and Chiefs.
    MLB - Giants, Cardinals.
    NHL - Blues.
  24. MyBestFiend

    go birds Supporter

    NFL - Giants. Used to be Cowboys, but I started feeling bad for Romo like 4 years ago
    MLB - Braves. Hate the dumbass tomahawk chop, hated Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone, and especially hate Chipper Jones
    NBA - I don't really hate any teams to be honest, it's just not a good league for rivalries beyond a few for whatever reason
    NHL - Definitely Penguins, but I hate Flyers fans a lot, and I am one
    NCAA - Penn State. Just the worst
    EPL - Chelsea. All the people I know who like Chelsea are smarmy frontrunning assholes about it
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  25. Chipper :heart: