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Where Can I Stab Myself in the Ears

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 10, 2017.

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    Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington thinks fans should “move the fuck on” from Hybrid Theory:

    “If you like the music, fantastic. If you don’t like it, that’s your opinion too. Fantastic. If you’re saying we’re doing what we’re doing for a commercial or monetary reason, trying to make success out of some formula… then stab yourself in the face!” he laughed.

    What goes over better, this quote or their new music?

  2. CoffeeEyes17

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    "why are we still talking about an album that made us a household name and made our fanbase multiply? move the fuck on from this piece of art that probably defined a part of your formative years and probably holds a special place in your heart"

    i hate when artists do this. Its totally fine to want to get away from your masterpiece or your claim to fame, hell its a struggle many one-hit wonder artists deal with, but to essentially berate your fans for loving your masterpiece seems so odd to me. Sure I get how it can be annoying to be promoting a new record and having constant fans badger you about your magnum opus but this isnt the way to respond to that.

    sorry i saw this earlier this morning and it irked me lol
  3. Steve_JustAGuy


    And in three years we can reconvene for the 20th anniversary performances. Good stuff.
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  4. carrytheweird

    Haha I just commented on this in the Invisible song thread. "Stab yourself in the face" very inspirational.
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  5. carrytheweird

    This is the best post.
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  6. teebs41

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    to be fair he also said its a great record and that they love it
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  7. I'm not upset with LP changing styles or writing pop songs. I'm just upset because they're writing BAD songs.

    But hey, I don't even think the songwriting on their earlier albums is that good, either.
  8. CoffeeEyes17

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    well yeah but still it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. i dont even like HR tbh but i can recognize why so many love it and wanted the band to keep making music in that style. idk its a weird situation because i see chesters point i just dont like how he went about it.
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  9. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    It's almost guaranteed to happen.
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  10. carrytheweird

    Meteora is really the best imo.

    Just feel like this guy is like "I was in Saw 14, I can do anything now including generic pop."
  11. elemenohpe

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    They're just "salty" that their last album didn't latch on with modern rock radio... they did all this press prior to release hyping it as a return to rock and it was their worst received record in over 10 years (charts and single play, I thought it was a decent return to form personally).

    When that record didn't outperform their other material they dove headfirst back into making pop songs for top 40 radio.
  12. Bayside 182

    Wolverine Supporter

    I agree, its not so much the change in styles that most people seem to be complaining about, unless you consider changing from good songs to crappy songs a change in styles
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  13. teebs41

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    yea I see that, I actually sort of feel like he was kidding around a bit too when I read the whole thing, but when you take the quote out of context it looks really bad. I actually remember sort of liking hybrid theory in like 8th grade or something, I think i even owned it haha I sort of lost interest pretty quickly.
  14. ncarrab

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    I was with Linkin Park up until Living Things. That is when they started to lose me (although that album has some OK tracks on it.) I didn't care for anything off their last album and the 3 or 4 songs they've released off this new one have been laughable.
  15. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Also, I'm a big fan of the headline for this post.
  16. CoffeeEyes17

    Reclusive-aggressive Prestigious

    It's not taken out of context and I'm pretty sure he isn't joking. This isn't the first time he's said something like this
  17. jorbjorb May 10, 2017
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    7 rings

    Hybrid theory was the shit. That and limp bizkit was my go-to in grade 6.

    edit: paparoach too
  18. Michael Schmidt

    Don't recreate the scene, or reinvent the meanings Supporter

    I definitely owned Hybrid Theory haha. Only LP record I ever got into. I dug that record when I was getting into a bunch of other music, but the Static-X, Korn, and Limp Bizkit fan in me dug that Hybrid Theory record for a bit.
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  19. xenoabe


    Plenty of bands I like changed sounds. Paramore is super poppy now when they didn't start that way. However, they're writing good songs. This new stuff from LP is just super boring.
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  20. Shrek

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    Why is he so uptight today?

    I'll leave.
  21. devenstonow


    it is though. the quote jason used is in response to asking about people calling them sell outs. the quote about hybrid theory is totally understandable; the record is almost 20 years old (holy shit) and they've released a bunch of albums since; it's totally understandable to be pissed when you get asked how they've progressed since then. because that progression has already happened. shit example, but blink don't get asked about their progression since Enema. Gaslight were never really asked about their progression from Sink or Swim. Outside of the context of the Clarity tour, JEW never get asked about how they've progressed since that album.
  22. DickyCullz

    I create content for some of your favorite artists

    fuck me, hybrid theory is almost 20 years old....
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  23. Nah fuck a Hybrid Theory 20 yr tour I'm holding out hope for the 15-yr Collision Course Jay Z/LP tour in two yrs!!!! They can call it.... Jankin Zark? Anyone?
  24. devenstonow


    7/10 for effort.

    Forgot to mention in my post that I consider Collision Course (which I'm listening to rn after seeing this post) is probably one of the best works of the 2000s.
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  25. Muzick


    The worst thing about this new album (or these singles at least) is not that they're leaning all the way into this shitty, weak pop sound, which good for them for doing what they want, but I hate knowing that I now have to wait until their NEXT album to hopefully hear some good new Linkin Park.