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Where are you from?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by joe727, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. joe727 Apr 21, 2016
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    Tell us about your hometown.

    I've lived in Dunedin Florida most of my life and i don't know if i'd want to live anywhere else. Such a great little gem of a town. Everybody knows everybody, everyone is chill, tons of local flavor, very liberal compared to the rest of the county, the best beach in Florida, Spring training home of the Toronto Bluejays, and there's so many quality bars and restaurants within a very small radius.

    There are 5 things that are important to local culture in Dunedin: Beer, Baseball, Bicycles, Bagpipes, and especially Dogs. The town prides itself on being very dog friendly, It's very common to see dogs chilling outside or even inside bars at 1am while their owners get drunk, most places have doggie dishes outside, some places even have dog menus, and we have a dog beach.

    *the video says we have 2 microbreweries, we have 3 now.
  2. LuigiPeppercorn

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    The town is just as exciting as the video makes it out to be. Nothing really ever goes on. I live on the north side, which isn't the million dollar homes on the water that they show, but the south side is that nice. Louie CK has shot several scenes over here and Lindsey Lohan grew up less than a mile where I live. The house is gated off and far behind all of the other houses. Massive piece of property.

  3. popdisaster00

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    Born and grew up in Poway/San Diego, but have been living in Minnesota since '96
  4. Zoshchenko

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    I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago in the towns of Mokena and New Lenox. They're completely unremarkable in every way. They get overshadowed by bigger towns/cities nearby, like Joliet or Orland/Tinley Park.

    My towns were decent enough, though completely boring. Middle to upper-middle class. Almost entirely white. The schools were good and the teachers well-paid because of property taxes. I grew up in towns that make me entirely aware of my privilege and the privilege I had growing up now that I have lived outside of them for nearly 4 years.

    People I meet at school here in Madison, WI rarely have any idea where I'm from, but tend to have some idea about the north suburbs of Chicago.
  5. HalfHearted


    Buffalo, NY born and raised. It sucks and is great at the same time. The winters really suck, but once the summertime hits, it is a wonderful place to be. Plus, the downtown area is getting a lot better, a lot of fun things to do.
  6. williek311

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  7. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Long Island unfortunately
  8. Ainsley&MyWhetstone Apr 22, 2016
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    I grew up in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. It's the only town caled Jaffrey in the world. People like to claim we have the most climbed mountain in the world (from bottom to summit) but Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henery David Thoreau both himed and wrote about it. in grade school they taught us all about Amos Fortune like he was some super relevant historical figure but in reality he was a black man who was fortunate enough to buy his freedom and open a tannery in Jaffrey. Willa Cather is buried in the old cemetery as is Hannah Davis but I don't think shes as historically significant as the grade school curriculum made her out to be either. There's not much to do there and the downtown is ugly and outdated but the historical parts are nice. Honestly the history of the town is probably more exciting than anything else because of things like the Dean Farm murder and local legends etc.

    Oh, I forgot to add, the second Kimball Farm location is in Jaffrey and everyone loses their damn mind over it. In reality it's just overpriced ice cream that's incredibly mediocre but since there's nothing to do for miles people from all around flock to it.

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  9. Garrett

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    Born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Moved to Knoxville, TN my senior year of high school.
  10. Derek

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    Grew up in NJ in the NYC area. Went to school in NY state. Now i've been living in Madison, Wi for about 3 years. Miss NJ but a great life decision to move out here.
  11. Fucking Dustin

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    I was born in Garland, Texas which is the city that this fictional one is based on (others have been said to be the inspiration by different sources in the show but Garland is by far the most accurate):
  12. 716 represent! I'll be getting married there in a few weeks and people keep joking that they hope there won't be any snow. I'm always impressed by how much it's changed since I moved to philly in 2008!
  13. Derek

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    If you were one character who would you be
  14. mad

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    I was born in Milton, Ontario but my parents moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia when I was still a baby. Lived here my whole life.


    I love it here. We have a great local art and music scene. It's big enough that there's stuff to do, but small enough that I can walk most places. There are lots of awesome beaches not too far away too.
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  15. Derek

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    For some odd reason halifax has always been a place ive wanted to live
  16. mad

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    Cause it's awesome duhhh
  17. HalfHearted


    Very nice man, congrats. We really didn't have a terrible winter this year as far as snowfall goes. Only used my snow blower like 3 times, ha. I was in Philly in March and I love that place. Always wanted to move away for a little bit because I know I would want to come back, but I feel like it is too late in my life to do that.
  18. Derek

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    yeah its odd that a city i've never been to...dont know much about...yet i'm drawn to it somehow. Its on the shortlist. I think i just think it is a cool name of a city
  19. colorlesscliche

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    I'm from New Jersey, but currently live in Baltimore, MD. We have very large rats.
  20. Fucking Dustin

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    I want to say Boomhauer but in reality I'm probably Bill.
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  21. jump start

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    I was born and raised in Sharon, CT which is a town of about 3,000 people. It's about two hours away from New York City, and it was a very relaxed atmosphere so some celebrities live in the area. Outside of that, it's not very exciting.

    Right before I started high school, my family up and moved to Athens, GA. It was a bit of a culture shock going from a small New England town to a much larger southern college town. It ended up being a good decision though because my parents had no idea what to do with three teenagers in such a small town.

    Now I live in Auburn, AL. It's pretty meh. I'll probably move somewhere else within the next year.
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  22. The_Effort

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    I grew up in Port St Lucie Florida. It was a relatively small place with zero to do and zero opportunity.

    Moved to Las Vegas to finish high school and have been living out here since. The weather sucks but the city is much more enjoyable and I don't feel so stuck like I always did in PSL
  23. Henry

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    All over the great state of NJ.
  24. Laura

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    Portsmouth, NH. It's a small city on the seacoast that gets swamped by tourists every summer. It's a really beautiful area, and it was settled in 1623 so there are tons of tons of interesting historical sites and houses. Also a lot of entertainment for a town its size. Unfortunately, the cost of living has increased so much here in the last decade that most of my friends have been priced out, and I will be soon, too. But it's a great place to live if you can afford it.
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  25. Dominick

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    Upstate New York . Rochester, specifically. It is a terrible place to love.
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