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What would your music website look like?

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by DJ Duncan Donuts, May 18, 2021.

  1. DJ Duncan Donuts


    Just a question I want to ask everyone. I've been to a few music forums and they all have their problems. Besteveralbums has been in a dormant state for years and has album data but NO GENRES. Dumb as shit. The moderation staff of RYM thinks their system is perfect and mislabels a moral discussion and contradiction of their misguided rules as abuse because they can. Sputnikmusic didn't even send an account activation email.

    What would you add to a music database, one like Imdb or such?

    Me, I'd find a way to promote listening to new albums. I'd probably have a badge system or something for listening, reviewing and rating albums. Of course, spamming would be easy to catch. I'd settle it like this: spamming ratings will result in blocking of rating privileges for some time and many of the ratings will be deleted.

    Badges could be awarded based on different tags, genres, years, etc. Either way, I'd like to add a badge system to one I was in charge of.

    That's how I'd do it at least. It's not the best idea but there have been worse ones. But what I really want is to see what YOUR ideas would be, since I want to know the community more.

    NOTE: I do not know how to program a website and since I want to be a novelist I have no intention of starting a website. So no, this is not a suggestion box for a rival website and I'll thump anyone who accuses me of that.
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