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What was the first concert/show you attended? Tour • Page 4

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, May 13, 2019.

  1. manoverboard365


    My first concert was Metallica's S&M show at Madison Square Garden in 1999.
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  2. dilleo


    Wow, that's dope!

    Yeah the drummer is a super nice guy.

    Also, my bad for replying so late, somehow missed the notification I guess.
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  3. Docyx


    My first concert was AFI at Radio Fritz on Oct 3rd, 2006. We were around like 30 people and after each 2 or 3 songs some of us were allowed to ask them questions... It was a fun experience.

    Saw them a few days later (Oct 7th in Cologne). Sadly I don't remember much from that evening...
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  4. simonthebutler


    Marilyn Manson in 1997. I was 14 and my mum dropped me and my friend off and we almost skipped the show. We were terrified, we weren't into the whole both scene and just had standard 1997 teenage clothes on. We eventually found the courage to go in and the show was amazing. Needless to say our mum's had a few questions and were slightly worried after the show. I'm 99% certain that my mum didn't go home and just waited in her car round the corner for us.
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  5. Phil507

    Regular Supporter

    Was that the tour that Thirty Seconds To Mars also played on? I saw that tour in NYC in 2005.
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  6. Brent

    Destroy What You Create Prestigious

    Loved that album... bought it three times since my parents kept taking it away.
  7. andysoto523


    Yup. However 30STM was only on the first half of the tour so the second half got The Black Maria. They were signed to Victory Records and I remember them being pretty good.
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  8. dorfmac


    First concert was Radio 104 Fest in 99, put on by our local rock station, with a few kids from my travel soccer team. As a 7th grader, Orgy was my favorite band. They called it the big ass bbq, and I got a T-shirt and my mom wouldn’t let me wear it to school, so I had to sneak it underneath my sweatshirt or jacket.,amp.html

    the first scene concert I went to was the finch/from autumn to ashes/senses fail/steel train tour in 2003. Steel train didn’t fit in, but I hadn’t heard of them before and liked them.
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  9. Pearl Vixen

    Metal Goddess 8-]]

    The first concert I ever saw was when I was 14--It was to see "New Kids On The Block"--This was before I discovered heavy metal music..I look back now and I am like, "Wow, they really sucked"...
  10. josh-

    Twitter: @joshcaraballin

    Papa Roach
    Saving Abel

    Possibly the worst lineup one could construct? I thought P. Roach was heavy as fuck though. Also, Nickelback has banger after banger. Hinder and Saving Abel were atrocious and their career trajectories indicated so.
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    It's chaos. Be kind. Prestigious

    Nickelback / Papa Roach would actually be pretty fun, tbh.
  12. The Lucky Moose

    I'm Emotional, I Hug the Block Prestigious

    I’d go see NKotB in a heartbeat lol
  13. MRose24


    May 5, 2006. Fall out boy, AAR, Hawthorne Heights, and From First To Last. That was dope
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  14. dorfmac


    fftf was a good show when i saw them, probably around the same time period. it was at the ottobar in baltimore and there's a balcony where sonny climbed up from the stage and hung off the side of the balcony over the crowd mid-song. i've been to a lot of shows there, but that's the only one where i had seen that.
  15. J12


    Hanson at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA. June of 1998.
  16. fowruok

    Trusted Supporter

    First three...

    New Found Glory, H2O, River City High, RX Bandits @ the Electric Factory, 10/27/01.

    Saves the Day, Thursday, Hey Mercedes, Whatever It Takes @ Club Krome, 11/24/01 (a matinee!)

    Weezer, Saves the Day, Ozma @ First Union Arena, 2/9/02
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  17. Chuck W


    Haha dirty lil secret I shall now reveal to the internet - I was 12(?) .. Jones Beach, Long Island, NY.... Fastball opening (actually still kind of like them), Lol, Sugar Ray and The Goo Goo Dolls headlining.... With parents in tow obviously ‍♂️‍♂️
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  18. dorfmac


    I also went to that tour in Hartford. Right when the Goo Goo Dolls we’re big with “dizzy...” it was actually a great show
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  19. Chuck W


    Haha I was too young, really. Also, it was pouring buckets. Ask me when I'm feeling less open and it's Pennywise At the Bowery lol
  20. fowruok

    Trusted Supporter

    Jones Beach storms are the worst, too. My section got hit with lightning when I tried to see REM there on their final tour.
  21. Chuck W


    I do really believe, at least where I'm at, Jones beach has not a bad seat in the house for one of the larger venues
  22. fowruok

    Trusted Supporter

    Totally agreed with that. And if the weather's good, it's quite an amazing place to see a show.
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  23. waking season

    Trusted Prestigious

    Roger Waters playing Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety back in 2006
  24. soggytime


    Honestly, I think it was Bamboozle 2008

    I remember seeing Aiden, Mindless Self Indulgence, Streetlight Manifesto, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus & Snoop Dogg
  25. summertimejesus

    Birds and Guitar Supporter

    Love this thread! First big concert was the 2003 Honda Civic Tour on my 14th birthday w/ Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, MxPx, and The Movielife at the SJSU Events Center. Still consider it the best day of my life.
    A few days before that I saw a local band called Flinch (not Finch) play my high school auditorium.