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What to Expect at Tomorrow’s Apple Event

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Apple will be, presumably, debuting new iPhones tomorrow at their annual September event. Jason Snell, at Six Colors, has a good run down on what to expect, and what to look for:

    Is there an additional wireless audio story? There have been rumors swirling around for a while that part of the headphone-jack removal would be a new set of Apple-branded wireless headphones, dubbed EarPods. Whether or not that rumor is true, I’m curious how Apple promotes wireless audio. Does it highlight Beats? Does it unveil new Apple-branded headphones? Does it use an alternative technology to Bluetooth?

    The Apple thread in our forums is always a fun place to talk about the announcements when they drop. So, if you’re watching tomorrow morning at 10:00am (PDT), come join in while we complain about our headphone jack-less future.

  2. Ryan

    Might be Spider-Man...

    Really anxious about this.
  3. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    Looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 7. I hope there are some features that haven't been leaked out.
  4. subplotofcrows

    A Grand Scene For A Color Film Prestigious

    Excited to check it out. Probably won't upgrade from my Apple Watch this year and I might hold on to my 5S for a little longer but Apple fall keynotes are one of my favorite things of the year.
  5. sean_rugy

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    this should be fun.
  6. disambigujason

    Trusted Supporter

    i got an SE a couple months ago because i'm struggling to get on board this larger phone trend, but i'm always excited to see what comes out
  7. Dlmgmario


    I get that they removed the headphone jack to be innovative and all that but I'm really gonna miss it. I already lost those wireless headphones the iPhone 7 comes with just by looking at them.
  8. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    I don't think the iPhone 7 will come with wireless earbuds. The most common rumor is that it will include earbuds with a lightning connector.
  9. NewSurrender

    Regular Prestigious

    If I can't use an auxiliary cord or my $200 Bose headphones (with no Bluetooth) with an iPhone 7, I'm going to stick with my iPhone six plus
  10. Tim McCall


    I hope it they announce a new update to AirPlay.
  11. Daniel182

    Let's hold our breath until we disappear

    You should still be able to with a lightning/aux adapter. The adapter may be included with every phone.
  12. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Excited to get rid of my shattered phone finally. It's been real, Iphone 6.

    Not wild about the whole wireless headphone thing. I know I'll get used to it but I'm so used to the plug in deal. I'll be sad if I forget to charge them before dialysis or something. Ugh.
  13. Larry David

    I'll see you again in 25 years Prestigious

    This is what I assumed would happen.
  14. theredline

    Trusted Supporter

    You'll still be able to use a set of corded headphones through the lightning port
  15. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Yeahhh I know. But I'm a sucker for latest/greatest so I'm sure I'll go the wireless set. Haha
  16. theredline

    Trusted Supporter

    @Jason Tate just wondering...did you post a link to some completely wireless earbuds a while back? Seemed like an active company and they weren't ridiculous expensive. I've tried to find it but can't...or maybe you at least remember what I'm talking about...
  17. "Earin" I belive. I have read pretty bad reviews of them though, so I never ordered any.
  18. Jay Evan

    I've Made A Huge Mistake

    What about an iPod with some significant memory?
  19. theredline

    Trusted Supporter

    I don't think that's them...thanks's gonna drive me nuts...I though the company name started with a "k" and I feel like they had good buzz...but I can't remember...oh well!
  20. theredline

    Trusted Supporter

  21. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    I have trouble believing any wireless headphone will sound better than its wired counterpart. I also fail to see the appeal of sticking some $30-plus peripheral into my phone simply to listen to music. All feels so cumbersome just for the sake of a thinner phone.
  22. jeff.dart


    I'm just not pumped to have one port for everything. What about when i'm driving and want to listen to music and charge at the same time? motorola did this on their phones this year as well. I hope this isn't the direction for all phones in the near future.
    Stage Banter likes this.
  23. Stage Banter

    A music review podcast.

    That's another totally valid concern. Sounds like another peripheral you'll need to buy if you want to charge your phone and play music simultaneously. "Forward" in technology, backward in convenience.
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  24. milogoestoprison


    I hope they announce they're bringing back the iPod Classic so I can buy a new one when mine eventually stops working.

    Yeah, I'm living in the past. I'll see myself out.