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    imo they deserve to be way tf off. trying to imagine how his victims will feel seeing any positive press for them. gross.
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    I died hahahaha
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    thank you to all the posters in here that consistently put up with all the bullshit. it's exhausting just to read it, let alone reply to it.
  5. Jason Tate Dec 7, 2017
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    Every time I see your posts I can only think: "Who is this?"

    That's on purpose. And actually the numbers I care about are way better than they were on AP.net, and I'm independent, and there's no tracking or gross ads on the website, and it runs faster, and I'm happier.

    It is my personal blog/website/forum.

    I truly don't care.

    No I banned morons on AP.net too when I owned it.

    There are more comments and posts here per day than there were at AP.net at the end. It's just true.

    I love that this entire rant insulting me ends with "Just don't insult anyone who will include them, it's a personal choice."

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    *women boldly posting their sexual assault stories, articulating important points, and being incredibly patient with idiot users*

    Idiot Users: *pulls fingers out of ears* idk i still like the album and the band i dont understand what the big deal is

    and we have the gall to wonder why this site is dominated by mostly male users
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    abandoning ap.net and starting fresh was the only way to mend our hearts (HEH) of cobragate, we all know it to be true
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    Man, this is a depressing thread. No band is worth putting down the victims of a member’s actions or defending those actions.
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    Modified your post a little bit to further highlight the absurdity and cognitive dissonance of @bmir14
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  10. This should be highlighted again.
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    Also, AP is not worth putting on a pedestal. People have this bizarre need to wear rose tinted glasses about the site and jerk it about the good ole days and y’all doing it out there need to stop it. This site is vastly better than AP ever was, the community is better and less toxic. The site itself is vastly better than the clunker that AP was at its end. If you don’t like what Chorus is, tough shit. We here decided to move on from AP and we’re not looking back. You wanna go post on something like AP, go to Twitter or Reddit and stay there.
  12. Yep. That website was literally killing me. (And the code/servers/javascript/ad embeds were fucking atrociously bad.) I'd have just removed AP.net from existence before I would have kept it up and have my name attached to it.
  13. skurt

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    Chorus is awesome. Fact.
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    i couldnt help but notice u arent covering the new Hawthorne Heights releases and frankly i think this site is shit because of it so ive been pretending to be a part of this site for almost two years now until my time to strike. i am disappointed that ur happier when CLEARLY this place is a ghost town and its just an echo chamber of people "caring" about other people like HAH who cares give me the latest news on what the members of Forever The Sickest Kids ate for lunch today. so yeah basically ive OWNED you and now im going to walk away with my head held high as i wait for my mom to finish cutting my Hot Pockets up into smaller bite sized pieces.
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    I love you Ken
  16. CoffeeEyes17

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    dylan i love you more
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    the only way bands are real is if they sell their shirts at Hot Topic but I shoplift them because fuck authority
  18. -kenDammit
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  19. slimfenix182


    The weird thing about end of year lists is while fun, I think the only reason you care is because you want something you like to get recognized and get some more exposure. And in this case that would mean more sales for Brand New, and while there's a wide range of opinions on listening to or not listening to their music, I haven't really seen much on here about people wanting to financially support them anymore. Putting them on EOTY lists would only support them. Even if SF is still someone's favorite album this year despite what happened, I feel like it really shouldn't be that hard to say yeah ok this probably shouldn't get recognition in a publication.
  20. some terrible posts here but many more insightful, important comments

    I don't care if people still listen to Brand New privately. I do care when people continue to tweet their lyrics / post about them like nothing ever happened. Those people can say they don't condone Jesse's actions all they want, but they're publicly showing support to an abuser just by making those posts. It's really disappointing to see people I was friends with still post about their music, my "friends" have blocked me because I refuse to "separate art from the artist" and yeah, I'm made to feel that my experiences with abuse are fucking nothing compared to enjoying a band's music. It's exhausting.
  21. elemenohpe

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    I understand what you mean about the DA filing charges. The prosecution hasn't released much about the case (IIRC the only statements from the court / law enforcement side were from the police. One officer said there were marks on her wrist which may indicate being restrained - another officer's report said there was no evidence a rape had occurred). So what they have released are conflicting statements.

    I feel like when the trial happens we'll be presented with a clearer picture of what happened. With Jesse and other abusers we've had in this scene, they are only judged in the court of public opinion. All we know are the claims of the victims (and multiple, corroborating statements from several victims gives more legitimacy to their stories - not that I would dismiss their claims, but the more victims come forward the more damning their statements collectively become) and what the abusers are willing to admit to... then we form our personal opinions. I believe that Jesse is a scumbag and a predator. Since Decapitated are actually being tried and the information we've been given doesn't paint a clear picture, I'm withholding judgement until the trial. Something happened, the question in their case seems to be consent (to any sexual activity) and whether she was actually held against her will.

    Again, even if they're found innocent but the court has a compelling case, I may side with the prosecution and blacklist the group. Of course if they change their pleas or are found guilty, they deserve whatever punishment they receive (and maybe even more). I'm not saying that they are innocent. I simply don't have enough information to decide one way or the other and therefore will include them in my EOTY list (for now) - and if anyone chose to remove them from their lists, I would completely understand (although metal doesn't seem to be big on many people's lists here). Hopefully the trial isn't postponed and we'll have all the information before the year is out.

    And yes, metal communities have been really disappointing with some of the numbskull shit they've said. I'm ashamed by a lot of people's reactions but, TBH practically everything commenters say on Lambgoat, Metalsucks, etc is childish bullshit anyway.
  22. littlejohn

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    you're not related to the victims. you weren't personally affected by his actions.

    you wanting to forgive him so that you feel better is your choice, you forgiving him/the band only benefits you and you only.
  23. Kiana

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    When people post in a public forum created for discussion and then say they won't be reading replies and won't be responding like u really think ur saying something important huh. But apparently not anything important enough to stand by or be willing to defend/argue publicly. How noble.

  24. Kiana

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    Like women are up in here sharing extremely personal stories of abuse and reliving that abuse to try and educate others and y'all are too cowardly to even read a reply I cannot.
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  25. incognitojones Dec 7, 2017
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    "this might not be PC, but I love when people abuse underage women for years and years, and I think they should be given money and accolades. Can't stick around to see how many awards I win for this take tho, what a bummer, I'll be off pretending we already solved all the problems anyone ever had"