What Makes Simone Biles the World’s Best Gymnast

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    This interactive piece from The New York Times on Simone Biles, the US gymnast, is awesome.

    Her signature move is a double layout with a half-twist and a blind landing. When she first performed it in 2013, no one else had ever tried it in competition.

    It’s now officially known as “The Biles.”

  2. Kristen

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    She trains at a center in my neighborhood which is pretty cool!
  3. DearCory


    Simone Biles, Amazing.

    Seriously the girl is an absolute beast. Love watching her!
  4. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    Gymnasts have signature moves? That's cool, now all they need is cool entrances and a script.
  5. PandaBear!

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    She is literally unreal - people have already called her the greatest gymnast of all time. The beam one was the most impressive to me; how the hell they all balance on a 4in wide surface i'll never know, let alone do backflips on it!!!
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  6. Behind the Barricade


    Bah Gawd! Biles outta nowhere!
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  7. sean_rugy

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    I too am perplexed at the beam. they all have to be ninja's it's the only explanation that makes sense.