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What Happens When Britain Leaves the EU

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Voters have decided that Britain will exit the European Union. Vox has a good rundown on what this means and what the ramifications may be:

    Britain’s exit will affect the British economy, immigration policy, and lots more. It will take years for the full consequences to become clear. But here are some of the most important changes we can expect in the coming months.

  2. heymattrick

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    I'm certainly not an expert on this whole Brexit business, but it certainly sounds to me like "Leave" was the underdog and many are very surprised that this vote resulted the way it did (as am I). It really makes me think about all the people in the US that still think "there's no chance Trump could get elected". In 2016 it seems anything can happen.
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  3. Kizwiz


    The younger generation is really, really pissed off with the older generation. All over my social media people are complaining.

    Good thing is Cameron resigned. He's got the collapse of the EU and now the UK under his watch.
  4. Peachfuzz

    I'll be with you the whole way.

    From France, we are really worried, and sad to see them leave the Union. Hoping for the best for everyone.
  5. KyleK

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    It's a wake-up call for sure that you have to take your vote seriously when it comes to these monumental decisions (and the American election certainly counts as one too). Seems as though there are a lot of people expressing that they didn't think their vote would matter and simply voted "leave" in protest of other political issues, or were uninformed about the implications. Now faced with the harsh reality of the instability they're thrown into - sounds as though some are regretting it.
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  6. Johnny Bananas

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    Strange day here in the UK. I don't know, something just feels different right now. Personally i think we should have remained and believe we are stronger united in the EU. As KyleK said, It would seem a lot 'brexit' voter were mis-lead, mis-informed and scare tactics used to steer the votes. Also, when Trump says he would vote exit, you know something isn't right! A Sad day today here in Blighty for sure. I hope we make the most of this though and can unite quickly as this country seem very divided today. And as heymattrick said, anything can happen in 2016, to our American friends, make that vote count!
    Anyway, enough of grown up talk, time for a beer!
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  7. eyeamthu1


    Should be noted that 48% voted Remain. Country is very divided...
  8. Bartek T.

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    It's been quite terryfying so far, I've seen different points of view concerned the economic side of it, but what I can't take is the outrage of bald racism, which for some people seems somehow justified after the leave vote. I already have read about plenty hateful situations in England and it really breaks my heart.