What do you do with pesky insects inside your house?

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What do you do with pesky insects inside your house?

  1. Ignore them

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  2. Kill them

    18 vote(s)
  3. Capture them and release outside

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  4. Ask somebody to deal with it

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  5. Insects do not get inside my house

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  1. Dirty Sanchez

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  2. Ken

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    all these...
    i got bugs
    i got bugs in my room
    bugs in my bed
    bugs in my ears
    their eggs in my head
    bugs in my pockets
    bugs in my shoes
    bugs in the way i feel about you
    bugs on my window
    trying to get in
    they don't go nowhere
    waiting, waiting...
    bugs on my ceiling
    crowded the floor
    standing, sitting, kneeling...
    a few block the door
    and now the question's:
    do i kill them?
    become their friend?
    do i eat them?
    raw or well done?
    do i trick them?
    i don't think they're that dumb
    do i join them?
    looks like that's the one
    i got bugs on my skin
    tickle my nausea
    i let it happen again
    they're always takin' over
    i see they surround me, i see...
    see them deciding my fate
    oh, that which was once...was once up to me...
    now it's too late
    i got bugs in my room...one on one
    that's when i had a chance
    i'll just stop now
    i'll become naked
    and with the...i'll become one
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  3. Dirty Sanchez

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  4. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    it depends on the type of bug ,are they chill and crawling around doing their thing or are they flying close to my face and my ear where they want to live and control my brain
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  5. Ken

    Ken Supporter

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  6. kassie09


    I want them all dead, but I don't want to get close enough to kill them. When I see a spider I get nauseous and hot and really internally upset for no reason lmao
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  7. Depends on the size and type. If it's a little fly I'll kill it, spiders get taken outside (usually by one of my roommates cause I refuse)
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  8. I'll ignore anything but mosquitoes. Those die. I knocked one into a spiderweb this morning and smelt victory.
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  9. kassie09


    I don't know how I survived not living with my boyfriend honestly, now he is the designated bug killer. what a shitty job to have.
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  10. Kiana

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    I always want to free the bugs but I'm not brave enough to. I have big spiders in my house. I'm used to like thin kinda spiders? But the ones that find their way into my house are like the thick big terrifying ones and I usually scream for a while and then kill them or ask someone else to do it.
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  11. Dominick

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    I kill them. When I had my first shitty apartment in Baltimore, I was hanging out and a giant roach fell on my shoulder. I slapped it off, tracked it for about an hour, then destroyed it.
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  12. I try to catch and release them as much as possible. If I accidentally kill them in the process, oh well. If I have any sneaking suspicion of any sort of infestation, I'll call an exterminator obv.

    The only ones I for sure kill are ones that have every intention of harming me in some way. That is generally pretty rare, but mosquitoes fall under that umbrella for sure. I had a repeating infestation of those crazy Africanized bees years ago as well, that sucked. Fortunately for me ( and not so much for them), bees die off naturally if they don't get back to the hive by nightfall. So if one got in the house somehow and I couldn't kill it, I knew it'd only be a matter of time haha.
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  13. chris

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    depends how much they terrify me. Bigger/creepier/grosser, you're gettin smashed
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  14. muttley

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    I think I've had 2 giant centipedes in the house. Those things are extra creepy and extra fast but both times I swept them into a dust pan and put them outside. Crickets I'll get in a cup and put outside. I try to do that with everything but sometimes I kill them, especially the little bugs in my bathroom. Spiders die a lot since they freak me out - sorry if there are any spiders in the thread.

    The centipedes freak me out, too, but they have weight so they can't scurry out of the dustpan like a spider. The pan has a long handle too so the creatures aren't close to me haha.
  15. RigoSoFar


  16. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    Depends, typically kill though. Spiders typically get my mercy, I may even let one of them live in a corner. Unless they touch me, then they get the hairspray lighter combo, or hydrogen peroxide.
  17. White

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    Everything gets murdered, no exceptions. Crush them in a kleenex/paper towel/whatever. And in case they survive that, I then burn said kleenex. And in case they survive that, I then flush the ashes.
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  18. dadbolt

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    Pretend I don't see them because I'm too lazy to get up and deal with them. If my kid spots one it must be destroyed while she gleefully watches.
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  19. Kiana

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    There was a spider in my bathtub this morning. It's probably still there. The last time I tried to turn the water on hot and make a spider go down the drain it crumpled up like it was dead and then CRAWLED BACK OUT OF THE DRAIN so now I feel like they've won
  20. Kennedy

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  21. ChaseTx

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    Kill & flush most of them. Occasionally I'll capture and release, but only if it's a nice looking bug
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  22. Destroy at all costs. Especially the cockroaches. I've used some desperate measures to kill a cockroach. I fight dirty.
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  23. muttley

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    There was a not so itsy bitsy spider in my shower this morning and I had to rinse it into the depths of hell. :(

    I kept thinking it was going to crawl back out of the drain.
  24. muttley

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    When I went to buckle my belt this morning, I saw a huge piece of lint on my shirt. I looked closer and it was a spider about the size of a quarter (legs included). I flung it into the sink but realized it was too big to get through the filter on my drain so I grabbed a cup and let the little bastard go on my way to work.

    I don't know if it was on my shirt in my bedroom or on my pants in the bathroom. I can't imagine it holding onto my shirt that whole time.

    I'm so glad we're moving this year because I'm tired of finding these things in my bathroom.

  25. Ken

    Ken Supporter

    Some scalding hot water would have helped spidey down the drain.