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  1. Cody Apr 12, 2019
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    does she play drums on this too? are they programmed? obviously clear she's a genius after this one either way but it seems like she plays everything on this...so cool. instant classic imo fully agree w whoever called it 'timeless,' it evokes the feel of shit like pet sounds at moments

    also love so hard that the moniker started as a flannery o'connor reference. long live weyes blood
  2. Horrorca


    I played this for a friend that felt the last Julia Holter was too out there (he loves Have You In My Wilderness) & he thought it was great

    anyway... really cool record!! incredible the evolution of this woman & her art!!
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  3. Dog with a Blog

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    Doing an AMA in an hour

  4. Dog with a Blog

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  5. Josh Awesome

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    I have a hard time not seeing this as my favorite album of the year. She's so talented.
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  7. vidiviciveni


    How do you say this, We Yes Blood?
  8. Fronnyfron

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    I heard it pronounced Ways Blood somewhere so now I'm in a crisis
  9. yung_ting


    okay well now I have to know, somebody pls help
  10. Fucking Dustin

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    @Mary V is right

    I looked it up a week ago because I had no clue and yeah it's Wise Blood
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  11. Fucking Dustin

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    Just got back from the show, the sold out crowd was terrible but the performance was so damn amazing I wanna see her again already
  12. zmtr

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    she's so damn good