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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by airik625, Apr 10, 2016.

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    I love the show but I kinda really hated the finale
  3. Matt

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    I think about this a lot.
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    I’m seriously considering just never watching the finale. I know that sounds ridiculous seeing as I’ve seen first 19 episodes but I had pretty much made up my mind a few weeks ago that I’d be done after S2 anyway. I haven’t heard anything to push me to watch the finale - if anything, everything ive heard makes me not want to - and honestly I dread even thinking about watching a 90 minute Westworld episode.
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    Could always watch it as a series finale since it kinda works as one
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    I mean, the finale is great, but if you don't like the show them don't watch the show.
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    Thank you I feel like nobody talks about this and it drives me nuts.
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    I started thinking about it when I watched The Prestige for the first time
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    Well I always thought that once they mastered the process and for it to work on a test subject then they would transfer the consciousness.. otherwise yea.. I really wouldn’t care
  10. Huh. Black Mirror deals with this a lot.
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    I meant specifically in reference to this show. Like if they can transfer human consciousness that’s pretty significant technology for the audience to just assume they have without explanation.
  12. I guess I should've expanded upon my thought. Black Mirror delves into this idea of your consciousness living on digitally after your death (or, heck, even while you're still alive) way more than Westworld ever will.
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    This has been a constant mindfuck for me since The Prestige as well - every time the subject has come up, whether in Westworld, Black Mirror or books (the Bobiverse books for instance, if anyone have read those)
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    That's the thing, I really want to like the show. And I've defended this very show multiple times in this thread for a long time. But the last 6-7 episodes of this season have made it very hard for me to stay engaged. I don't think I ever watched a series where some episodes can be so top of the line great and others can be painfully awful to get through. I loved the start of this season and was really into it for the first 3 to 4 episodes and after that it just completely fell apart for me.

    I'm also a huge Nolan guy so I try to be patient knowing that his twists and turns are typically pretty great and patience is key, but holy shit are they asking us to be really, really patient.
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  15. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Has Jonathan Nolan ever written anything worthwhile without Christopher Nolan being involved? After a quick look at his filmography, I think that's the case.

    Maybe he's the reason most of Jonathan's writing credits look good and when he ventures away from him reining him in, it becomes a meandering mess.

    If you remove what he did with him, here are his writing credits:

    Terminator Salvation

    Person of Interest
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    Eh, Memento is my favorite film of all-time and is based off Jonathan's short story. He also co-wrote The Prestige, which is in my top 5 of all-time. I believe he wrote the entire screenplay of Interstellar as well, which is one of my least favorite Nolan films, but still pretty good.
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    I edited my post a bit, but that's my point: when he doesn't have a great director to shape the story, his other stuff is anywhere from boring to outright bad.
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    I don’t expect like super high quality story telling from this show anymore but it’s still viscerally entertaining and fun turn-off-your-brain story. You really can’t think about anything too hard or you just get mad lol.
  19. oneeightytwo


    Person of Interest, with the exclusion of a few episodes is fantastic. Recently finished the series and there are some standout episodes; most notably the ones directed by Nolan.
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    Just watched the finale....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm done with this show.
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    This is fun:

    Concerning Stubbs’ character, did anyone else feel that his little chat with Haleores was ambiguous in terms of him being a host or not. I’m leaving towards yes, but for some reason I was never fully convinced.
  22. Allpwrtoslaves


    I feel like he’s not a host, and instead is just more aware of the situation than anyone expected. When he dropped all those cringey “Ford coded me” lines I think he was just letting Delores know that he knows it’s her and not Hale, not so much that he is a host too. Cause I mean him being a host is such a stupid and boring twist. I’d actually like there to be a human who still knows a bit more of what’s going on instead of every human being dumb as rocks and just always reacting to everything.
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    Yeah I don’t want him to be a host either. I just kept running scenarios through my head, and realized that even though Ford is dead, he is still willingly allowing this murderous host to go to the real world and do who knows what kind of damage.
  24. Mrk_Brdshw

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    Finally got to watch this yesterday and agree with a lot of the comments here... I want to like the show so badly, but I almost stop paying attention to the places that get too confusing because I know they'll just explain what really happened later on.

    I usually always understand what's happening to a certain extent and I don't mind the interlaced timelines in the show, but damn do they do their best to trick you at every turn. Nearly every scene is meant to throw you off (he/she is a human but actually they aren't, this person is in control of themselves except they aren't, Ford is really behind everything except he isn't, Bernard is telling the truth except he isn't, this happened in the past except it really didn't).

    It's fine, but I don't feel like it's as exciting or shocking when things are revealed in this show anymore because of how drawn out (and often) the twists are. Once it gets to the point of someone just straight up saying "Ok, this is what really happened...", I'm just kind of indifferent about it all. Just a lot of mixed feelings about this show, really.
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    Very interesting.