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    That was insane, really crazy shit. I get most of it tbh, next season is shaping up to go cool places
  2. I understand the critiques, that the show isn't as smart as it thinks it is, and that its timelines are confusing for the sake of being confusing, but like, I still love it. You may see weakness, and to an extent I agree, but I see personality, one that has been continually engaging to me. There are bound to be plenty of other shows out there that are stylistically indiscernible from each other. Yeah, this show takes a lot of risks, and maybe they don't all work out, but I love watching it try. If you don't like the show, I don't think you're wrong, I'm sure on some objective level it is actually not very good in essence, but its execution gives me exactly what I'm looking for. Whatever potentially dumb place they may decide to take this next, I'm totally in for the ride.
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    epic as all hell. i understand the critiques as well, dont worry, but after every single episode i feel exhausted that i just watched this new big epic movie. its quite the task.

    i was/am very confused but in the end, very fun, good sci-fi stuff
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    Pretty disappointed in the finale. Just felt way too long, convoluted and twisty. Too much “character talks aloud to explain to the audience what’s happening”. Valley Beyond felt and looked super corny. William should be dead....for the 5th time.

    While I enjoyed watching every week, some more than others, overall the season is a very clear step down from the first.

    It’s still beautifully shot, beautifully acted (mostly), and the music is great. Hope season 3 is better.
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    pull the plug, this show is dead
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    Theory time

    The entire show has been a simulation, a replay of what happened to William. He’s spent his whole life trying to convince himself that he could have changed and that he had a choice. Maybe idk, reply with yours!
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    I haven't watched yet but have not heard good things about last night's finale. The 90 minute episode also scares me, as most of this season, it's been a chore just to get through 50 to 55 minutes. This series has been so weird. There are some seriously fantastic, great episodes and then some weeks are an absolute pain to watch.
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    That kind of exposition usually annoys me but I have such a loose grasp on what's even going on here I NEED a character to explain everything. I wanted more of it! Just have Ford sit facing the camera for 25 minutes and tell me what the fuck I just spent 10 hours of my life watching.
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    I don't think so, I am pretty sure the post-credits takes place in the future after he eventually dies, but they are trying to duplicate him as a host
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    Definitely need the characters to explain what's happening in this show haha
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    If something is so complicated that it takes a character to literally explain it in a clunky way, you have a problem.
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    This dragged on forever. I paused it after an hour and could not believe I had 30 mins left.
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    Like some of you have said, it's really annoying how everything only makes sense and connects after a character has to give us a giant exposition dumb at the end. That's not good storytelling, it just means your story is needlessly convoluted and the writers can't make it all connect smoothly. Maybe if I rewatched everything from start to finish I would pick up new clues that would help it all tie together smoothly. While I didn't hate this (I enjoyed the finale for the most part), I just have no desire to sit through it all again.

    Maeve leading that stampede at the beginning was sweet though.
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  14. smowashere


    It felt like there were like four false endings. Not sure how I felt overall about this season.
  15. domotime2

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    episode length definitely not an issue for me.... considering we have to wait another 2 years for the next episode it's all good.

    and i do agree that we needed the characters to do exposition....and i also agree that it's bad story telling to do so... but alas, this is westworld. still love it
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    I loooooved the head of narrative. His genuine human reactions to everything going on was the only light-heartedness the show had. I'm so sad he's gone, but his speech scene was glorious. I watched with my jaw dropped and played it back right away. What a great send off. If only the rest of the show was as fun as that.
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    Part of me wonders if I'll ever even watch the finale.
  18. Dave Diddy

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    I enjoyed season 2 but I wish we could have gotten it without all the confusing timelines. There were enough big reveals and confusing moments without multiple timelines. Normally I like to listen to accompanying podcasts as just an added bonus, but with this I was listening to a Westworld podcast so I could try to piece together what the hell happened. It felt like the show was outsmarting itself and instead of coming off as smart, it just confused the hell out of me.
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  19. Dinosaurs Dish

    who were we when we were who we were

    The idea of needing an outside source to make sense of what is happening on a show seems crazy to me. If they're not able to get enough across without relying on other people doing research and spelling it out for people, then it failed.
  20. GBlades


    Watching the finale, it tied up a lot of theories I had floating around. I really don't think an outside source was needed for the Stubbs being a host theory.

    I love the cinematography and it's a Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams show, of course it's gonna be out there and confusing with multiple ideas/timelines/characters.

    However, I can understand that it's not for everyone. There have been things that have went on too long or characters that had a fate in the finale that rendered it all useless although they will find a way now that a new facility is being built.

    I enjoyed it and will continue to do so. It's my type of show. I just hope this isn't HBO's The Walking Dead.
  21. airik625

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    So the “after credits scene” lead me to believe that the MiB gets to love forever now because they finally got it right with him - the fidelity test. He was cognizant throughout that entire scene, and that smirk he gave at the end was telling I thought.
  22. Allpwrtoslaves


    So at any point are they trying to transfer consciousness into these data replicas? Because I know for me at least, I could care fuck all if a perfect copy of me gets to live forever but as far I’m concerned I still experience death.
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    The finale was confusing at parts but I think I’ve got it for the most part.

    100% all in on an Evan Rachel Wood and Tessa Thompson led season 3 though.
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    really hoping tessa gets to cook in something and isn't handcuffed to this. want more for her.
  25. Ratings are down 30% from last season.