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Wes Diamond of The Downtown Fiction Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 14, 2017.

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  2. Chloe


    My question is, is there any band which doesn’t have a creep in this scene?
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  3. I mean, most likely there are a lot of good people. But it's clearly widespread. There's a reason it's called the patriarchy - it's systemic.
  4. fbrrocks


    owel who is on equal vision cuz i talked to Jay about this stuff when i saw them in October and he told me there would never be any of that stuff happening.
  5. Honeymagnolia

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    So many scumbags. Feel so sorry for the victims but it is great that they have so much strength and are so brave to be able to put their stories out into the public ether.
  6. tyramail

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    As these allegations keep coming, I keep seeing posts insinuating that these victims are just jumping on the band wagon and it’s disgusting. Especially when stories like this come out against an irrelevant band and an irrelevant band member.
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  7. This girl also posted "a list of guys who have also done questionable things to/around me," which wildly and timely enough also includes Fuentes:

    "mike fuentes
    rob damiani
    literally all of only rivals
    a member of room 94
    two members of my favorite highway
    a member of eye alaska
    a member of paradise fears"
  8. Shrek

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    i mean, a band with a sexual predator wouldn't say "yeah man i'm looking to assault a couple of sixteen year olds here soon"
  9. incognitojones

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    i doubt it, it's just about who comes forward at this point
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  10. tshreve


    I mean I have no doubt Owel are chill people, they seem incredibly genuine, but also I'm from the same area as "fbrrocks" over here and he's been accused of all kinds of shit. Every time I've mentioned it on this site I've gotten chastised for it but I don't care anymore
  11. Chloe


    I hope if there are some people here who have acted badly towards women they are taking a good look at themselves and realize physical and emotional abuse is not ok. Then they can act as if they care for the victims.
  12. MrCon

    I was trying to describe myself to someone

    Damiani is the Don Broco dude too, is he not?
  13. sammyboy516

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    This has becoming so disgustingly pervasive across the entire entertainment industry.
  14. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster!

    I think more appropriately this has always been disgustingly pervasive across the entire entertainment industry - and right now is when people are finally able to come forward against their accusers (and receive the attention and recognition they deserve). The unfortunate reality is that bands, movie-makers, fashion industry, etc. have taken advantage of people, including young fans and aspiring professionals for as long as the industries have existed. But in this moment more people are acknowledging how pervasive it is, and at a more basic level, even recognizing that it shouldn't be acceptable or part of the business.
  15. tyramail

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    So at what point does believing the accuser end in situations like this? I’m always going to believe the accuser until proven otherwise, but in regards to the accused, at what point do they get the benefit of the doubt? Maybe they never do or shouldn’t, I’m just curious how others feel about it.
  16. SuNDaYSTaR

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    Sadly, I believe that you're just going to open the floodgates of "let's wait for proof" mansplainers by asking that question.
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  17. tyramail

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    You’re probably right. But I don’t get that stance when it could easily be flipped and you could say wait for proof of a false allegation. I guess I’m just way more apt to believe the accuser and if it’s false then so be it, then the other way around. I’d feel like more of an asshole not believing the accuser and having it be true.
  18. Stephen Young

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    Kitty (fka kitty pryde) tweeted out some really creepy DMs/texts he sent her a few years ago. Can't remember what it was exactly, but people on AP talked about it a bunch when it happened.
  19. Stephen Young

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    Probably should wait until there's repeated incidents of false accusations, but since there hasn't been, there's not much context to not believe what they're saying.
  20. tyramail

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    This is my thinking. Statistically, it doesn’t make sense not to believe allegations.
  21. jay sakong


    I read this and thought this was about me! All these posts can get confusing.
  22. tshreve


    Oh no Jay I love your band and the few times we’ve met you’ve been very nice, it was toward another poster on this thread. Sorry for the mixup!
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  23. cwhit

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    yeah i was quite confused as well, hah.
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  24. tshreve


    Damn I feel like a fool now, gotta word things/separate my thoughts better in the future. Support Owel as much as possible they deserve it
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