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Weezer Announce New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 19, 2021.

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    Weezer will release their new album, OK Human, on January 29th. Pre-orders are now up.


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  2. heymattrick

    Denver, CO

    I have... many questions.

    Van Weezer?!?!
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  3. BelieF


    wiki says

    "The album was planned to be released following their intended fourteenth album, Van Weezer, but when the album suffered a year-long delay following the COVID-19 pandemic,[3] the band hinted that they were shifting their focus to completing OK Human first.[4] On November 17, 2020, the band announced the completion of OK Human during a Q&A session following a livestream performance.[5] On January 18th, 2021, the band announced a release date of the 29th of that month with the release date of the lead single, "All My Favorite Songs" on the 21st.[6][7]"
  4. btr


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  5. fredwordsmith

    Regular Supporter

    Fucking hell, is the label just holding up Van Weezer? I am excited to hear that one.

    Hoping this one is also good. I'll never complain about more Weezer. Sure, they could edit the albums down or wait a bit of time before putting them out, but there's enough gold on any series of 2-3 releases to build your own playlist or album of banger tracks. And they always kill it live.
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  6. Former Planets

    Aaaachem! Supporter

    The pre-orders are only for Van Weezer?
  7. kpatrickwood

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  8. I am so confused.