Weezer and Halsey Perform on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

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    It remains ridiculous how far Africa has taken them. Like, what other band could have been on that stage if they’d beaten Weezer to the low-hanging cover fruit?
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    Why is "Africa" seen as a good song? It's goddamn dreadful. It's the number one example of mediocrity as music.
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    Can't knock the hustle was actually good live.
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    Saw Weezer at the NHL Winter Classic yesterday. Never thought my first time seeing them would be at a hockey game. They were... well, they were exactly what I expected. Africa relied heavily on a backing track, Can't Knock the Hustle is just a horrible song, and Say it Aint So had the whole stadium singing. Overall just a very weird setting for seeing a band I admire.
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