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Weezer Already Working on New Music

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 1, 2019.

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    In a new interview with Substream Magazine, Weezer confirm they’re working on two new albums:

    Yeah, we’ve got two records. One of them is almost done, and I think the code name for that is OK Human. That’s something I’m super excited about. There’s this other idea about another record with the code name Van Weezer. That’s in the conceptual stage [right now]. We’re gonna make records forever at this point. We’re excited about it too, which is fun. It’s not lost on us that nobody wants us to do this. So we’re just gonna go for it.

  2. DooDooBird


    They really need to slow down.
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  3. BradBradley


    “It’s not lost on us that nobody wants us to do this.” Hahahaha
  4. DandonTRJ

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    Actual interview footage:
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  5. thesollopsist

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    Good. Last album had a few ok songs but no staying power.
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  6. a_cuppa_joe

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    So a Radiohead cover album and a Van Halen cover album? I'll listen once, for sure.
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  7. I'm here for it!
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  8. Allhailburnzy


    Rivers described OK Human as a singer/songwriter type album with strings recorded at Abbey Road produced by Jake Sinclair he also called it a "masterpiece"

    Van Weezer Rivers described as a stadium rock album with big solos with Blue Album style hooks

    so take it all with a grain of salt but im pretty stoked
  9. CMilliken


    Stoked! Love this band. Love how much they piss people off!
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  10. Phil507

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    I think Weezer's been on a pretty good run since their 2014 album. I know there is the annoying crop of fans (and I use that term lightly) who are butthurt that the band hasn't sounded like they did in the 90's but the only real duds they've put out are Make Believe, Red and Raditude. Green and Maladroit are still plenty enjoyable and Hurley was a nice transition to getting on track. EWBAITE, White, PD and now Black Album are all solid and have allowed them to stay relevant.
  11. Ska Senanake


    Won't be better than radiodread by easy star all stars.
  12. chewbacca110


    For better or worse, this band gives no fucks at all. I appreciate that, as much as it infuriates me that I appreciate it.
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  13. somethingwitty


    It's nice to see older bands continue to put out new material. So many legacy acts just play the hits and do the casino circuit. They don't ever have to record another album again to be able to tour successfully, so it's cool that they still have that passion.
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  14. Phil507

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    What's frustrating though is that if you're a fan of any of these new releases, if you go see them live they might play one song from whatever the latest album is and then the rest of the setlist has been the same for going on a decade at this point (similar issue with Foo Fighters)
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  15. Tim Fitzpatrick


    I'll always listen to a new Weezer release at least once but damn do I wish we got the timeline where songs from the black hole got released.
  16. joey-wan kenobi

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    They understand the short attention span syndrome and as such are staying relevant by continuously producing. Good for them.
  17. joenicorata Apr 3, 2019
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    Newbie Supporter

    This is funny and awesome. I hadn't listened thoroughly since Red came out, but Teal and Black are great. I have had Black in rotation for the last month and it has me diving back. I have always been amazed by their studio endurance. In 2000 they were posting sessions weekly from their studio online (often some of the same tracks but different renditions). It ended up being referred to as the "Summer 2k sessions". It looks like Rivers actually put it into an album:
    Summer Songs of 2000 - Weezerpedia
    Album 5 Demos - Weezerpedia
    Some of my favorite Weezer songs and Black/Teal got me into all of it again.

    Long live Weezer
  18. May be the only person on this website who is very happy about this, lol
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  19. CMilliken


    You’re not alone!
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  20. Walkabout


    I already like them more than the last two albums