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Weekly Discussion: Your Favorite 90's Films

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    Continuing on from our previous discussion thread, let's now discuss our favorite films of the 90's.
  2. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    1990: Home Alone, Goodfellas
    1991: Boyz n the Hood, The Silence of the Lambs
    1992: The Mighty Ducks, Reservoir Dogs, Wayne's World
    1993: Jurassic Park, Sleepless in Seattle, Dazed and Confused
    1994: Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, The Lion King, Dumb and Dumber
    1995: Toy Story, Apollo 13, Billy Madison, Empire Records, Tommy Boy
    1996: Fargo, Independence Day, Jerry Maguire, Scream, Twister, Happy Gilmore
    1997: Starship Troopers, Good Will Hunting, Men in Black, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers
    1998: The Truman Show, The Big Lebowski, There's Something About Mary, American History X, You've Got Mail
    1999: American Beauty, Fight Club, The Matrix, American Pie, Office Space
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  3. Davjs


    As an huge action film guy: The Rock, True Lies, Face/Off, Broken Arrow, Hard Target, Demolition Man, and Terminator 2 are all top tier action films for me. I thought it was the golden age for action films that actually have great fights and shoot out scenes instead shaky cam fights and CGI fests that plague action films today.
  4. Davjs


    Also, even though Disney has always done good work in every decade, I feel like this was their best decade for animated films: The Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story 1 and 2, Beauty and the Beast, Ducktales Movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Hercules, Mulan and the The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm sure there is more that I'm missing.
  5. GetUpAndrew

    Constant horror and bone-deep dissatisfaction.

    The Truman Show
    The Fisher King
    American Beauty
    The Big Lebowski
    Reservoir Dogs
    Pulp Fiction
    The Green Mile
    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
    The Thin Red Line
    The Usual Suspects
    Groundhog Day
    What About Bob?
  6. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    Forgot to add Chasing Amy.
  7. Davjs


    And the other Kevin Smith movies in the 90s!
  8. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    It's my favorite of his from that decade. You could probably add Clerks, but I don't think I would add Dogma or Mallrats to my own list.
  9. Davjs


    Dogma is my top I'd do Amy as my close second.
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  10. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    Jurassic Park, The Lion King, Toy Story, Independence Day, Twister, Fight Club, The Matrix
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  11. iCarly Rae Jepsen Aug 1, 2016
    (Last edited: Aug 1, 2016)
    iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    not going to include stuff like Space Jam and Air Bud which I loved back in the day but probably wouldn't now

    The Truman Show
    The Lion King
    Toy Story
    Wayne's World
    Empire Records
    10 Things I Hate About You
    The Big Lebowski
    Pulp Fiction
    Beauty and The Beast
    Good Will Hunting
    There's Something About Mary

    Romeo + Juliet
    Can't Hardly Wait
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  12. Morrissey


    There are a lot of important Nineties films that I have put off for some time. I have probably seen less than twenty non-English Nineties films.

    Four of the most important directors of today came from the Nineties; Tarantino changed the way people thought about independent film with Pulp Fiction, Wes Anderson blended genuine oddity with sweetness in Rushmore, Paul Thomas Anderson aped Scorese for Boogie Nights before stretching that type of filmmaking for the sake of emotional connection in Magnolia, and Richard Linklater made an unironic romance cool for a cynical generation. David Fincher was another filmmaker to begin in the time period, but he never made his film work until several years in the 2000's (Darren Aronofsky still has not made a film work).

    Even moreso than the Eighties, the Nineties would glorify excess, although they found the winning corporate strategy of suggesting depth and diversity while maintaining the status quo. The grunge and rap movements may have been in another art form, but throughout the Nineties you can see filmmakers trying to capture that attitude and rawness for the sake of seeming authentic. Even for those who were alive, it is hard to explain why that faded away near the end as people went back to pop music and waited for their Windows 98 computers to stop working.

    Some of the same directors that struggle to secure financing today were able to flourish in the Nineties in a time before the superhero takeover. It is almost impossible to imagine a Spike Lee film about Malcolm X getting any sort of budget today, a quarter-century later. Woody Allen could still make expansive films that explored new genres, and Paul Verhoeven was able to make big-budget films that toyed with the audience and had actual subtext. If Stanley Kubrick was still alive, would he have had to go to Kickstarter for something like Eyes Wide Shut?

    The decade was dominated by a director who had not made a film in twenty years. The Thin Red Line is one of the greatest war films ever made by making the fighting less interesting than anything else. A staple of the "good" war film is to highlight the absurdity of war and its cost, usually in the quiet moments from battle to battle. However, the warfare these films are meant to criticize are always state-of-the-art, flashy, and alluring. The warfare in the Thin Red Line, by contrast, is unorganized and seemingly random. Like a real war, the battles serve as smaller parts of the lives of the men, who then must spend the rest of the time in reflection about what it means to take a life and survive where others did not. It is such a perfect vehicle for Malick's style of exploring humanity because these men represent a spectrum of young and old, hopeful and disillusioned, servile and questioning. For years people have had a very boring argument about how Saving Private Ryan unfairly lost to Shakespeare in Love at the Oscars (this is the decade where they really embraced irrelevance), but with this film also nominated it seems like a non-issue.

    If I was making a top twenty (ten was too hard):

    1. The Thin Red Line
    2. Starship Troopers
    3. The Big Lebowski
    4. Satantango
    5. Histoire(s) du cinema
    6. Goodfellas
    7. Secrets & Lies
    8. Before Sunrise
    9. Eyes Wide Shut
    10. Schindler's List
    11. Jackie Brown
    12. Pulp Fiction
    13. Rushmore
    14. Breaking the Waves
    15. Being John Malkovich
    16. Chungking Express
    17. Ed Wood
    18. The Insider
    19. Magnolia
    20. A Night at the Roxbury
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  13. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Goddamnit Tetra leaving off Boogie Nights!!!
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  14. Night Channels


    Can't Hardly Wait
    True Romance
    Boogie Nights
    Pulp Fiction
    Good Will Hunting
    American Beauty
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  15. Morrissey


    Just like Reservoir Dogs, a rough draft for much greater work.
  16. Davjs


    I enjoyed Noah, Black Swan The Wrestler and Requiem a lot. I don't think his films warrant a ton of re watches because of the dark material in them makes them hard watches, but they certainly stick with you way after they are over.

    Nice list though! A lot of stuff on there I have forgotten about but is good. Also I still cannot get my head around the notation that Reservoir Dogs isn't that good, no matter how many times it's said. What a master piece it is :-)
  17. No love for The Sandlot? :-)
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  18. Davjs


  19. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    90s contain some of my favorite films, though, like Tetra, I haven't really deviated too far from non-English language films for the decades. Tarantino's 90s films, along with Dazed and Confused, were some of the first films I gravitated towards when I was like 12-13 and kind've shaped my love of film.

    Dazed and Confused
    Pulp Fiction
    Reservoir Dogs
    Hoop Dreams
    Boogie Nights
    The Thin Red Line
    The Big Lebowski
    From Dusk Til Dawn
    Chasing Amy
    Army of Darkness
    My Own Private Idaho
    Can't Hardly Wait
    Before Sunrise
    American Movie
    Jackie Brown
    Paradise Lost
    Tommy Boy
    Billy Madison
    Happy Gilmore
    The Faculty
    Silence of the Lambs

    I could go on forever with Childhood favorites, but:
    The Sandlot
    Little Giants
    The Big Green
    Toy Story
    Space Jam
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  20. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    I mean, so many:

    Goodfellas, Miller's Crossing, The Silence of the Lambs, Terminator 2, Boyz n the Hood, Cape Fear, Reservoir Dogs, GlenGarry Glen Ross, A Few Good Men, Groundhog Day, True Romance, Dazed and Confused, Carlito's Way, Schindler's List, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Leon: The Professional, Dumb & Dumber, Murder in the First, The Usual Suspects, Before Sunrise, Seven, Leaving Las Vegas, Casino, Heat, Twelve Monkeys, Happy Gilmore, Fargo, Primal Fear, Celtic Pride, The Cable Guy, Swingers, Lost Highway, Donnie Brasco, Face/Off, The Game, LA Confidential, Boogie Nights, Good Will Hunting, The Big Lebowski, The Truman Show, Rounders, American History X, Enemy of the State, Very Bad Things, Office Space, American Beauty, Stir of Echoes, Fight Club, The Insider, Magnolia, The Green Mile, Man on the Moon.
  21. Hallowsandhoots

    formerly alligator blood Prestigious

    Edward Scissorhands,
    Reservoir Dogs,
    The Shawshank Redemption,
    Pulp Fiction,
    The Crow,
    Romeo + Juliet,
    American History X,
    The Truman Show,
    American Beauty,
    Fight Club,
    American Pie,
  22. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    Beavis and Butthead Do America
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  23. flask

    Trusted Supporter

    We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
  24. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    I scrolled past your username but knew this list had to be yours lol! Love it!

    My faves are prob

    Romeo + Juliette
    Romy and michele
    Spice World

    Oh and army of darkness
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  25. CobraKidJon

    Fun must be always. Prestigious

    I'll just go top four:

    The Mighty Ducks because I own it on DVD and vhs and I also watch it like every week. It also helps that this got me into hockey.

    Jurassic Park because I've spent way to much time watching the movie and Universal Studios ride and stuff basically boosted that love by a lot.

    Space Jam: the theme song is basically enough said.

    Fargo: I'm a sucker for those Midwest styled movies and both loving the show and movie makes me happy.