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We’ve Got Some New Clouds

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 29, 2017.

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    The world’s cloud authority has classified a dozen new types of clouds:

    The existing classifications have been reviewed and all have been retained. Several new, formal cloud classifications have been introduced. These include one new species (volutus), five new supplementary features (asperitas, cauda, cavum, fluctus and murus), and one new accessory cloud (flumen). The species floccus has been formally recognized as being able to occur in association with stratocumulus. The separate section on Special Clouds has been removed, and the cloud and meteor types previously discussed within this section have been integrated into the cloud classification scheme as cataractagenitus, flammagenitus, homogenitus, silvagenitus, and homomutatus.

    This is the first time this has happened in thirty years, and I learned today there’s a cloud authority.

  2. disambigujason

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    wasn't until i got to "stratocumulus" that i realized it wasn't talking about internet clouds. oy its been a long day.
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  3. Bayside 182

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    I thought this was going to be an article on the new places I can store my concert photos.
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  4. ARo24


    I can't believe some people are so passionate about clouds haha.
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  5. Nick

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  6. Anthony Brooks

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    just the govt trying to cover up chemtrails;-)
  7. a nice person

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    Finally, some good cloud news. It's been dark since #TheFappening