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Wax Idols Are Going on Indefinite Hiatus

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Wax Idols have canceled their upcoming tour and are going on indefinite hiatus.

    It pains me to announce that, due to personal issues, our upcoming east coast tour with Shadow Age has been cancelled. Refunds will be made available for anyone who bought advance tickets. Beyond the tour, Wax Idols will be taking an indefinite hiatus.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported this band through the 9 years since I put “All Too Human” on Myspace. I never could have foreseen how that one song would forever change my life. What started as a glorified solo project has morphed and evolved many times to include & highlight the talents of some extraordinary people and I remain humbled and eternally grateful for all of their contributions to this dream of mine. I’m no soothsayer – I don’t know what the future holds – but for now, we say goodbye.

  2. Orla

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    Well fuck. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this band for 5 years & finally got a ticket to see them next week at Empty Bottle. I don’t blame Hether, but dang, it’s a bummer