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  1. Morgan


    How has this been drawing ? Honestly seems like Sleep On It has the most hype from social media
  2. fbrrocks


    Ppl don't sleep on chapel they r great
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  3. michael_gatto


    Love Chapel so much! Can't wait to see them on this tour.
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  4. xthisislove


    From social media and so forth it’s not looking like it’s even doing more than 400 or so people at the shows, less than the headliner they did in the beginning of the year. I saw someone say they went to two dates on the previous headliner and could barely move or breathe because there was so many people and on this on near their hometown they had maybe 12 rows of people standing apart from eachother.
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  5. maryp1603


    Yikes. I went to their headliner to see Creeper back in February and I remember it being packed very tight, granted it was at the Beat Kitchen, a very small venue. I was surprised to see them headlining HOB for this tour.
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  6. xthisislove


    I don’t know why some of these venues were even thought about for this tour. If I was in a band or booking a tour I’d rather it sell out and have some fans not get in to keep a demand strong. There are so many venues between the ones they did earlier this year and the ones they’re playing this one. I can’t see them doing a big draw on this outside of LA, NYC and Texas
  7. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    I'm still confused why As It Is is opening, they're an arguably bigger band. Also, apparently they played an entirely seated venue the other night?
  8. xthisislove


    Not the biggest Waterparks fan but I’d say they’re bigger but not by much.
  9. Blink182Bouncer


    As It Is is bigger, but Waterparks has a far bigger fanbase in the US.
  10. xthisislove


    That I’ll 100% get behind. I do know. On the AII headliner here they couldn’t sell out a 175 cap venue but they do insanely well in the uk. Waterparks was pulling like 500+ and selling them out.