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Waterparks – “Dream Boy” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 23, 2019.

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    This band are hot garbage.
  4. CyberInferno Aug 24, 2019
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    It's better than that other song they released. That being said, it's still bland, generic, and completely forgettable. And anything is better than "Turbulent" , which is one of the worst songs I've ever heard (though check out the "Clean" version on streaming services cause it's kind of hilarious to hear all the unnecessary profanity censored).

    I enjoyed "Double Dare". I didn't enjoy "Entertainment" nearly as much. I just noticed this band had a release from 2012. I haven't listened to the entire thing yet, but it's amazing how much worse this band has gotten in the years. Their early stuff is actually pretty decent.

    EDIT: Check out the song below from their 2014 EP. Tell me that's not a good song. What the fuck happened to this band?
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    That’s not a very good song.
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    This guy has revolutionized what constitutes a "punchable face"

    The music is even worse though
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