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  1. Joshua


    I wonder if it's going to be all general admission or split up in price levels
  2. sam_might_say

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    I definitely don’t think it’ll be the typical Warped setup. I mean, it’ll look like one (inflatable schedule, skate ramps, etc.), but not the usual thing

    I imagine two main stages and a side stage or two. Bigger bands, with the bigger bands playing later in the day. Longer set times too
  3. Michael G


    I would think California, Seattle, Cleveland, Florida and Boston but if people are talking about Maryland accidentally posting something than maybe Maryland instead of Boston
  4. bkaeser93 Dec 17, 2018
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    I’m thinking two main. One monster maybe two. And one small stage.

    Hopefully a lineup like this.
    Main Stage 1:
    Taking Back Sunday.
    New Found Glory.
    Sum 41.
    The Story So Far.
    Good Charlotte.
    Pierce The Veil.
    Bouncing Souls.

    Main Stage 2:
    All Time Low.
    Dance Gavin Dance.
    Less Then Jake.
    Sleeping With Sirens.
    A Day To Remember.

    Monster (if they have two):
    The Plot In You.
    Memphis May Fire.
    We Came As Romans.
    Fit For A King.
    The Devil Wears Prada.
    Thousand Below.
    Knocked Loose.
    Like Moths To Flames.
    Of Mice & Men.

    Other stage:
    Chase Atlantic.
    The Wrecks.
    Super Whatevr.
    Stand Atlantic.
    Eat Your Heart Out.
    I The Mighty.
  5. marceting


    Cleveland date is because of Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Something with Warped is happening with it.
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  6. Mister Lyrical

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    Kevin mentioned a couple months ago that Atlantic City would be getting something.
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  7. sam_might_say

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    Add Bad Religion and I’m sold
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  8. Cgarnsay


    I could see The Fever 333 or Being As An Ocean
  9. TMS2787


    I’m stoked that Cleveland is going to be one of the few cities to get one. I am kind of surprised but if it has something to do in conjunction with the Rock Hall, that makes sense. I am defiantly excited to see what the line-up is and all of the details. I’m going to guess that’ll be at Blossom Music Center per-usual. Especially since they are potentially going to need a big venue for it. Either way, it should be fun.

    As for bands, I doubt TBS plays the Cleveland show.
  10. CTFFEMT93


    You can’t not put Every Time I Die I’m there. They ended warped for Christ sake
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  11. Xpertguy5


    Since it didn't work out this year, I could see Blink playing one of the west coast dates to make up for it
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  12. Chickenmcbringinits


    Well this is happening in Ohio literally the weekend before that Cleveland date so I think it's safe to say we can count these bands out:
  13. sam_might_say

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    I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling the lineup for each city will be slightly different. I imagine some of these bands do the West Coast one
  14. Chickenmcbringinits


    Yeah agreed. If there's a FL one I'd be shocked if LTJ isn't on it.
  15. TDenverFan


    Do we think the Coastal dates will be 3 different cities or a 3 day festival in one city?
  16. Localman


    As much as I love Merriweather, it’s on the smaller side of venues and I don’t think it’s suited to be one of the few east coast venues. There's been a lot of development in the areas around it and one of the main stages was very crowded this year. I do love the trees and shade though lol.
  17. fourstarters

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    I'd be shocked if we don't see some of those bands on the Cleveland date simply because they'll already be in Ohio and that Thornville is 4 hours away from Cleveland. A 25th anniversary Warped date without some combination of Rancid/Pennywise/NOFX/Bad Religion/Less Than Jake/Strung Out seems highly unlikely.
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  18. GEM37 Dec 18, 2018
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    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Have a really hard time not imagining LTJ or ETID on some if not all of these dates - pretty sure they’ve got the most Warped dates between them.

    I suspect Silverstein will be on there too...
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  19. alkalinexandy

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    I would call Less Than Jake, Pennywise, Every Time I Die, Reel Big Fish, Senses Fail, and Silverstein each a lock. In that order.

    Bad Religion and the Bouncing Souls too. Though I think a lot of that depends on who else gets booked to round out the undercard.
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  20. Joshua


    We the kings, Hawthorne heights, mayday parade, and the Maine seem likely too
  21. Piercalicious

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    Could it be that the coast dates he listed are actually 2-day festivals, and Cleveland is a smaller "kickoff" version?

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    That was my assumption, yeah. I think Cleveland is just a one-day thing and the others are two days.
  23. sam_might_say

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    I bet a lot of bands that played the Warped Rewind cruise will play this festival
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  24. SaveTheEarth

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    The Starting Line would be cool
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  25. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    Cartel would be cooler.
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