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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by theasteriskera, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. AWasteOfATime


    Positive that ETID is on this.
  2. manoverboard365


    Oh my god, I had googled "Warped Tour Atlantic City" to remind myself of the dates, and I came across this really ignorant article: Atlantic City Wasting $1.4 Million on Live Nation Warped Tour on Beach. - ACprimetime

    Basically saying that punk rock music only attracts poor people who won't be giving money back to the city, and that the festival will fail because that music is passed it's peak. Does anyone from NJ know if this is a reputable publication? Because that was some pretty ignorant journalism.
  3. DonnyFTW


    Wow. Me and my spouse were just talking yesterday about going to Atlantic City for the week leading up to Warped. Now if we do decide to do AC this makes me want to spend my money elsewhere.
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  4. Rootradical


    It looks like its the opinion of one casino owner (Hard Rock) out of I believe 9 canionos. It also sounds like he is refering to the type of music which is crazy because the other casino Ballys across were they do the summer beach concerts, host another music fest next month that headlines the used and wonder years. And last month had emo nights 2 times and the get up kids that all drew a ton of people. They keep anouncing more because of the amount of people coming.
  5. Chickenmcbringinits

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    "Warped was only good in the 90s" but wasn't their biggest and most successful year 2005, if I recall correctly? This sounds like it should be a facebook post and not an article lmao
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  6. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    Joe Lupo sounds like everyone's favorite white uncle that no one ever wants at family gatherings.

    He's still mad because he didn't get a call back for "Fox and Friends".
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  7. red8ge


    atlantic city is a fucking graveyard
  8. DonnyFTW


    My bad. I read it as though the Hard Rock had spoken with other casinos and he was the voice for them. I now see his comment was more "Casinos" in general and not necessarily their thoughts, just what he thought on their behalf.
  9. theasteriskera

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    I live in North Jersey & I'm not familiar with that publication, but just browsing their website for 30 seconds it just seems like a ton of "controversial" clickbait headlines. But sheesh, people are literally traveling from all over the world for this; if I were those people I'd strongly consider getting a hotel a couple miles away & ridesharing in
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  10. Piercalicious

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    Well with $1.4 mil in city funding my expectations for the potential lineup have gone up a bit.
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  11. DonnyFTW


    This could mean anything really but in talking with Kevin today on twitter regarding that AC article I mentioned I'd be 30 this summer and he said "PS.. I think this line-up will really appeal to your demo when it is announced"
  12. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    Yeah somehow I don't see a ton of younger bands on this show.
  13. alkalinexandy

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    I wonder what the set times will be like. Because that's a factor for me too. I don't care how many bands I want to see on the line-up if they're each going to play 30-35 minute sets. At this point, that's just not going to cut it for me.
  14. DonnyFTW


    Kevin already stated sets would be 25 - 45 minutes depending on the band so guessing mains will get 45 and side stages get 25.
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  16. red8ge


    shut up kevin
  17. K0ta

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    Has Kevin ever had a good take in his career
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  18. Piercalicious

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    terrible take on a terrible take, that's some takeception right there
  19. manoverboard365


    I must be too old, because I have no clue who Atilla, Jarrod Alonge or Fronz are.
  20. red8ge


    count yourself lucky
  21. sam_might_say

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    I wouldn’t look into it
  22. SaveTheEarth

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    One of the few times when ignorance is bliss.
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  23. Full Effect Ed

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    You think one day we’ll get Blink in AC, the next day Trio?
  24. CTFFEMT93


    I think Blink would be more likely in Cali.
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  25. Mister Lyrical

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    One of the biggest issues with booking Blink is the fact that Travis won't fly. You either have to give him a shitload of money to make the travel worth riding a bus across the country (a cruise ship if across oceans), or line it up with a tour they're on.