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  1. bkaeser93 Jan 30, 2019
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    Fuck it I’m going to make a dream list/prediction for the two day ones.

    Day 1:
    Main Stage 1:
    Simple Creatures.
    Sum 41.
    The Starting Line.
    Circa Survive.
    The Maine.
    The Wonder Years.

    Main Stage 2:
    Bring Me The Horizon.
    Good Charolette.
    Bad Religion.
    Sleeping With Sirens.
    Bouncing Souls.

    Monster 1:
    Every Time I Die.
    Thousand Below.
    Like Moths To Flames.
    Fever 333.
    Stray From The Path.
    Of Mice & Men.

    Monster 2.
    Memphis May Fire.
    Fit For A King.
    Born Of A Osiris.
    Escape The Fate.
    Ice Nine Kills.

    Side Stage:
    Set It Off.
    Stand Atlantic.
    Boston Manor.
    The Audition.
    Oh Weatherly.

    Day Two:
    Main Stage 1:
    All Time Low.
    Taking Back Sunday.
    Dance Gavin Dance.
    Mayday Parade.
    Black Veil Brides.
    Pierce The Veil.
    Fall Out Boy.

    Main Stage 2:
    Blink 182.
    A Day To Remember.
    Bouncing Souls.
    Less Then Jake.
    The Used.

    Monster 1:
    Senses Fail.
    Miss May I.
    The Plot In You.
    Crown The Empire.
    Motionless In White.
    White Chapel.
    Stick To Your Guns.

    Monster 2:
    The Amity Affliction.
    Silent Planet.
    We Came As Romans.
    The Devil Wears Prada.
    While She Sleeps.
    Knocked Loose.

    Side Stage.
    Every Avenue.
    Forever The Sickest Kids.
    Hands Like Houses.
    The Wrecks.
    You Me At Six.
  2. manoverboard365


    Rumors circulating that they're trying to get Halsey to be one of the headliners in Atlantic City.

    EDIT: Guess it's not that much of a rumor, they literally reached out to her on twitter asking her to play.
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  3. CTFFEMT93


    No thanks fam.
  4. Piercalicious

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    I like how they got their own dates wrong in their tweet to her
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  5. theasteriskera

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    I mean, we know she's a fan of The Story So Far... I'd be down to see a collab set. TSSF mentions the color blue like 85 times in their songs, a cover of Halsey's "Colors" would be pretty cool
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  6. ArmsLikeTeeth

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    Halsey is fine but good god please not at Warped Tour.
  7. Joshua


    Halsey being asked definitely is lowering my expectations a bit, especially with those European festivals swiping most of the older punk bands/ modern pop punk bands around the AC dates
  8. Austin Schwarm


    the word alive has summer dates.. just throwing it out there. they & kevin favorited my tweet when i said he should get them on.
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  9. rbarlyo

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    You think the movements tour ending mid May makes any of those bands available

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    Movements playing the west coast show makes a lot of sense.
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  11. broken22


    What about Rancid ? Saves The Day ?
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  12. Maddy


    I can see the TBS 20 show for AC with Tell All Your Friends and some hits
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  13. Cali Sad Boy


    If Blink is playing one of the days on the West Coast, hope we get Alkaline Trio on the other

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    Blink is playing a festival in Huntington Beach in late April, so I think they're unlikely, but I think that could improve Alkaline Trio's chances of playing.
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  15. Cali Sad Boy


    That was my fear that the beach festival would be reason they wouldn’t play. That and the Knocked Loose show are on the same day in April and I’m torn haha. Hoping Blink plays Warped so makes my decision easier
  16. ABRfan3295


    Based off a tweet from them earlier this week, looks like they're announcing a tour next week
  17. Maddy


    Maybe Green Day Dookie 25 anniversary show?
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  18. Mister Lyrical

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    That show was going to be epic. Blink, ADTR, All Time Low, and The Front Bottoms.
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  19. manoverboard365


    And the worst part is the tropical storm that forced them to cancel never even hit AC.
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  20. red8ge


    i feel like all your dream lineups aim low and speak to why the tour stopped being cross-country in the first place
  21. manoverboard365


    Lol I actually think some people are aiming too high.
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  22. red8ge


    i say aim low less in terms of actual drawing power (paramore + good charlotte+ blink 182 would cost an ungodly amount of money) but more in terms of being the same 40 or so bands that have played warped tour for the past decade plus.

    there are a lot of scenes/groups warped should have been incorporating to make it a holistic representation of what's going on in punk and general young people music but instead closed itself off, and relied on a quickly shrinking scene
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  23. cameoutswingin



    "Fans can expect the heart of the Warped Tour experience to be intact, but on a much larger scale over 2 full days. 50+ bands across multiple stages, extreme sports ranging from skateboarding to motocross, and an exhibit of art that has come out of the tour’s history."

    Didn't see anyone else mention this but it looks like its going to be about 50 or so band across the 2 days. Which would be about 25-30 bands per day. My guess would then be about 4 stages. Perhaps thew main stage split like they have done in some amphitheaters, with the big headliner(s) taking the whole stage over at the end of the night.
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  24. Localman


    Look at pics of previous AC beach concerts, I can see one side have 2 main stages, and the other side have the monster/side stage. With tents/sponsors/etc. in between
  25. Cali Sad Boy


    I saw they responded to a comment about the Mountain View show on Fb and said “it’s going to be in the parking lot like always. Will split the amp stage down the middle for smaller stages so people can get out of the sun, but it’s going to be a normal Warped Tour”