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Warframe Video Game

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by CoffeeEyes17, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. CoffeeEyes17

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    Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

    Alright so, this is me trying to sell you on playing one of if not my favorite games with me. So, Warframe is a 3rd person action game that is Free 2 Play. Like, the real type of f2p where you can grind and earn anything and everything that affects gameplay. Anyways, imagine Dynasty Warriors mixed with Destiny mixed with Guyver/Tokusatsu style action shows. You control a Warframe, a cybernetic augmented battle suit that has 4 powers/abilities and a general motif like fire control, swordsman, posion, stealth, etc. Theres about 32 in the game currently with more being added for free (originally there was only about 8). Theres also a breadth of weaponry, from burst rifles to auto rifles to shotguns and flamethrowers and bows and pistols and several unique weapons for this universe, as well as dozens of melee weapons like axes and swords and claws and daggers and whips and staves and sais and glaives and nunchaku and scythes and all kinds of stuff. Your loadout is your chosen Warframe, then a primary secondary and melee weapon.

    So, you navigate the galaxy and perform missions. The Tenno, the race that youre playing as which use the Warframes, believe in balance. They arent good or evil, they arent noble or malicious. They just believe in order, so missions are basically you keeping balance between the other factions of the galaxy be it by assasinations (boss battles), exterminations, sabotages, defense missions, etc. Theres also other things like syndicates which basically function as ally factions and give rewards, Clans which are player guilds and communities, raids and other end game content and all that good stuff. So yeah, download it for free if you want and hmu ill be more than happy to help you. I have about 400 hours spent in the game and I'm not even close to being tired of it or over it or burnt out. I forgot to mention that theres solo content but theres also 4 player squad missions so basically you can play any mission either solo or in a squad.

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  2. Anthony_

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    Trying to find things to play while I wait for Destiny 2 so I just re-downloaded this. Lot of changes from what I remember it being like previously. I think the last time I played it was probably more than two years ago lol.
  3. CoffeeEyes17

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    Fuck yeah. Add me CoffeeEyes17 I can help. Yeah lots of changes lots of new weapons and mechanics and frames
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  4. CoffeeEyes17

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    with all the Destiny 2 hype I'm going to bump this thread because if you enjoy Destiny 2 then you will absolutely enjoy this game

    Plains Of Eidolon is our next big update, the game will be going open world (well, on a certain planet it wont be completely open world) and it looks like its set to release either later this month or next month.
  5. CoffeeEyes17

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    nothing has made me prouder to be a founder of Warframe than the reveals and reactions at this Tennocon. Skip to 24:25 for the BIG reveal which absolutely blew everyone away. The crowds reaction is the exact same one I had sitting at home. Its beautiful

    I urge you all to give this game a shot. Its free 2 play, like actually F2P not pay 2 win, its so much like Destiny/Destiny 2 and its got a plethora of content and warframes and weapons to keep you busy.
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  6. zporter92


    I don't have much to offer except that I find Warframe to be infinitely more fun than Destiny. Warframe has its own feel, whereas Destiny feels like Halo covered in a different skin. Warframe is absolutely worth checking out, especially since it's free!
  7. CoffeeEyes17

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  8. CoffeeEyes17

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    with Plains Of Eidolon dropping next week, heres my recommendations to help any newbies *cough* @Anthony_ *cough* make the most of their time in the plains and also get them started on a good progression path


    Rhino: rhino is incredible. virtually indestructible, incredibly versatile, and dripping with coolness. rhino is one of maybe 3 frames that can take on most content on no mods, just bare bones frame. thats quite the achievement. hes also pretty easy to acquire by just farming his parts from a fairly easy boss. reasonably speaking you could have him built and ready to go by monday or tuesday.

    Trinity: my personal favorite, the "healer" of the warframe roster. fairly straightforward to acquire from the boss on Ceres. has great sustain, can provide energy and health to your or team mates, and her 4 ability basically makes you invincible for a set amount of time. Another good alternative to Trinity is Harrow since he is also the "healer" archetype of frame, he can be acquired through a quest and hes a solid alternative.

    Mesa: Mesa comes with a caveat: shes very, very difficult to acquire in a reasonable amount of time. her parts are dropped from a boss, Mutalist Alad V, but getting TO him is the rough part. you need 3 coordinates to make a key and 3 keys to get 3 shots at fighting him. getting all of that can be tricky. id suggest just buying her outright because frankly she might be the best frame in the game. great damage, survivability, utility, plus she looks incredible.

    Weapons: Primaries, Secondaries, and Melee

    Shotguns: literally any shotgun would be great. shotguns have been dominant for about 2 years now with no signs of stopping. if you look up a WF tier list youll notice at least 4-5 shotguns in the top 10. id shoot for the Hek or Boar personally.

    Boltor: the Boltor is an all around great assault rifle. until you can acquire its Primed variant the base Boltor is pretty damn excellent. it can clear the star chart pretty easily and I imagine it'll be very good in the Plains as far as the early game content is concerned

    Lex: get a Lex. simple. just get it. its the best secondary in the game apart from its primed variant and its incredibly easy to acquire. just get it and craft it ASAP

    Orthos: a great early melee weapon. very strong, very stylish, fairly easy to get.

    Bo: good utility and damage, the Bo staff is another solid choice


    so mods are a bit more complicated in that you just have to go farm them and hope for the best. thats true of the above equipment but theres are hundreds of Mods so it can be difficult to gun for the one you want. Spy missions are a great way to get some higher tier mods. If need be just message me in game CoffeeEyes17 and I can give you some of the extras I have. This goes for anyone reading btw if you want to play or farm some stuff or just hang out feel free to add me! the big ones to shoot for are Flow, Redirection, Vitality, Serration, basically any mods that will boost health, energy max, crit chance/damage, flat damage, etc. the Wiki is a good resource for that


    Carrier/Helios: either one of these is great. right now the companions are kind of a mixed bag barring the sentinels. Kuvats, Kubrows, and the Helmith Charger just dont offer enough to make them worth taking over a sentinel. Carrier and Helios are the best sentinels in the game. Helios is good because it can scan objects for you and help fill out your Codex which will make farming that much easier. Carrier gives you extra ammo reserves which is nice for certain weapons. the main reason 99% of the playerbase uses Sentinels is one word: Vacuum. this little mod has caused quite the controversy ever since it was introduced. Vacuum allows the Sentinels to suck up all of the ammo, mods, components, etc that drop from enemies. Basically its a convenience tool, you dont have to walk over every little thing you can just have your Sentinel scoop it all up for you. It also has a very very generous range so you wont have to slow down.

    basically the name of the game right now is to get your MR or Mastery Rank up. to do this you have to level up equipment so Frames, Weapons, etc. get anything you can and just level it. you get more xp being in a team so definitely do that. all in all these are just my opinions, frankly I dont think the beginning stages of PoE are going to be all that difficult but either way this is just a good road map to get you started. Once you hit around MR 10 or so A LOT more options unlock for you. A lot of weapons are locked behind MR so its good to just keep progressing.

    Honestly as someone with about 1000 hours in Warframe I'm worried I'm going to absolutely CRUSH PoE and breeze through it lol. Looks like the Eidolons will be nice endgame content for vets though. Hopefully they rework the raids to make them a bit more interesting as well but the raids as they are are just fine.
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  9. Anthony_

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    Now that Destiny seems like it's dead again maybe I should start spending more time with this. Already got the Boltor because of all the streamers recommending it a few months ago when they were all doing those sponsored reviews. This is definitely a great chill-out game too, not as high-stress as Destiny can be.
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  10. CoffeeEyes17

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    Do it! We can Skype or use Discord or something and we can play together.

    Yeah Boltor and Soma are the go-to for newer players. Soma requires more mods to get going but it’s probably better than the Boltor series. Lex is the dominant secondary. Melee is a grab-bag since frankly Melee weapons are overpowered as fuck thanks to a certain set of mods. Even the “MR fodder” melee weapons can clear the star chart
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  11. CoffeeEyes17

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    Because my PoE hype is growing, heres a list of things I believe you should do before PoE drops later this week.

    1) Quests: complete all of the quests in your codex. all of them. not only are they fantastically well made quests but they explain A LOT of the rich lore hidden within Warframe. Theyre fun, introduce new mechanics, and usually reward you with a frame or a weapon or something worthwhile.

    2) Focus Farming: so I'll spoiler this part just in case so the main "hook" of the WF lore is that the Tenno, the player characters (think Guardians from Destiny, just a blanket term for the playerbase) arent actually the beings INSIDE the frames. We're actually modified humans who were part of a void accident aboard the Zariman Ten Zero and we have a "somatic link" that allows us to stay aboard our ships and control our frames. As of right now the Tenno, Operators is the in game term, are only used for very very niche gameplay mechanics involving kuva floods but in PoE we will see the Operators become warriors, fully formed and ready to fight alongside their warframes in a badass tag team style way of play. To upgrade our Operators we need Focus. Focus is acquired through lenses which drop from Sorties, quests, stuff like that. There are 5 families of Focus each exhibiting certain traits. These will be changing in PoE but as of right now we do know that ALL of the Focus we have acquired will be refunded to us for the new system. I'd suggest looking up some farming spots to pump out as much Focus as you can.

    3) Level Your Mastery: Self explanatory, just level up as much as you can so that your MR is around 10 or higher. This accomplishes two things: opens up your options in terms of what equipment you can use and what missions you can play as well as raises your daily faction standings cap. its important to be able to farm as much faction rep as possible so that you can progress through the Plains and craft your own weapons, arcanes, etc. PoE is introducing "Public Events" essentially so grinding out these reps will be easier and more worthwhile than it currently is as well as daily bounties and such.

    4) Consider Buying Plat: PoE is a free update. its essentially Warframe 2.0 and its absolutely free which is wild. But, consider maybe spending 10-20 bucks and get some plat. this way you can buy yourself some boosters, namely credit and resource boosters, which will make the grind in the plains a fair bit easier plus you can literally NEVER have too many credits or resources since everything requires those things to be crafted. There will also more than likely be a big PoE Update bundle that will include the new Warframe, the glass themed Gara, as well as the new weapons and probably some new cosmetics. It'll be worth its weight in gold for sure.

    im so so so so so excited
  12. CoffeeEyes17

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    Steve Sinclair, the main director and head of Warframes development (and incredibly handsome I might add) getting us even more hyped. PoE could possibly be dropping tonight
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  13. CoffeeEyes17

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    PoE is officially out! Its great! Go play it!
  14. Anthony_

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  15. CoffeeEyes17

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    its free, its jam packed with content, its fun, and i can help you!!!!!
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  16. drewinseries


    The amount of content for this game is absolutely insane. Not even factoring that it's free.
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  17. CoffeeEyes17

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    Plains Of Eidolon has been great so far! stuff to grind and farm plus its challenging and the design of everything is great. enjoying myself a lot
  18. CoffeeEyes17

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    My first impressions of PoE from a longtime vet:

    The Good

    The Plains: The Plains itself looks wonderful. vast, detailed sandbox with lots of nooks and crannies to search and find resources as well as bits of story. Grineer enemies patrol in large groups and will call in reinforcements, transport ships dropping off dozens more reinforcements as well as fortified seige camps complete with turrets, alarms, and swarms of troops.

    The Side Content: Spear Fishing is an absolute blast. I did not think I'd enjoy fishing this much in a game but its so much fun and is actually very handy for gathering certain resources. Mining is also fun and is pretty unique, using a mining laser to literally cut gems out of rocks. Flying around in Archwing is also neat although most people dont have this unlocked yet since the Dojo research takes about 3 days.

    The Bounty/Incursion system: This addition is neat and adds some good daily content for grinders. Incursions are basically public events and Bounties are just daily missions that scale up to a certain level and offer some pretty good rewards based on level. Theyre varied too, assassinations, escorts, rescues, defense, capture, sabotage, etc.

    Eidolons: the titular behemoths are really fun to fight. hunting them down and fighting them in a multi-phase fight is really fun and adds a new Monster Hunter type of dynamic to the game. The rewards from them are pretty good as they are needed to increase the power of a certain gameplay function.

    The Operators: The Operators feel much smoother to control now. Being able to dash around and use transferance out of a Warframes bullet jump and chain jumps together feels nice. The Focus system is pretty good although Zenurik is still the best tree of the 5 but hey at least theyre more interesting as a whole. The combat still feels kind of clunky, I was under the impression our Operators could use melee weapons as well as the energy beam but I guess not. Oh well, its still fun and a vital part of the Eidolon fights.
    Gara: Gara, the glass themed warframe, is really really good! Shes got a great aesthetic which makes FashionFrame all the more fun. Her powers are pretty good, her 1 might be the best 1 in the game since it scales off melee mods and combining it with her 4 gives her good CC and then good burst dmg. Her 3 is ok, the issue with turning enemies against each other in Warframe is that their damage doesnt scale up against each other like it does when they fight us. Two level 150 Grineer Heavy Gunners fighting each other would probably take 2 hours until one of them killed the other. But her 3 does work as a bit of CC and to take the heat off of you or an ally. Her 2 is a nice bit of damage reduction as well. Shes probably going to be a good beginner frame since her quest is easy to complete and her parts are easy to acquire from Cetus Bounties.

    The Bad

    The Grind: oh man, if you were put off by the grind before PoE you certainly wont be impressed with how its evolved. The grind is now very, very long since theres a lot you need to level up. Cetus has its own standing rep as do The Quills which help level your Operator. the Focus system is also a maaaaaassive grind now theres also a shit ton of new materials exclusive only to the Plains that help craft a lot of the new items in the game.

    The Lag/Disconnects: this isnt really a knock against the game since really and truly Digital Extremes just werent prepared for how many new players were going to join. To DEs credit the servers were actually pretty stable but the lag, FPS drops, and disconnects are still persisting and probably will be for a few weeks while they work the kinks out.

    Rewards: Some of the higher tier bounty rewards arent really that good. 1000 credits? seriously DE? Luckily Rebecca has said on twitter that the rewards and economy will be changing as they monitor how the playerbase reacts.

    All in all, this update is incredible and I cant believe its all free. I've never been so proud to be a founder in a game. Never would have imagined that this game would blow up the way it has. Steam charts shows that we had almost 150k players on at one point yesterday. Thats like, an 80k increase in players! I'm so happy. Sorry if im annoying I just adore the shit out of this game
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    Is this not on consoles yet? I booted up the game on PS4 to take a look and it didn't look like it was there.
  20. CoffeeEyes17

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    Won’t be on consoles until November or so
  21. Anthony_

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  22. Anthony_

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    I guess that's what I get for being a console pleb
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    I didn’t realize you were on console :( I forget console WF is a thing tbh despite the fact that console WF is actually a really good version that’s very very very close to the PC version
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  24. Anthony_

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    Yeah I don't have a rig it sucks :( not yet a member of the Master Race unfortunately.
  25. CoffeeEyes17

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    More time in the Plains has revealed that the economy and standing gains are waaaaay too low