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War on Women Announce New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 7, 2018.

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    War on Women will release their new album, Capture the Flag, on April 13th. The full press release can be found below.

    Track Listing

    1. Lone Wolves
    2. Silence is the Gift
    3. Capture the Flag
    4. Dick Pics
    5. Pleasure & The Beast
    6. Childbirth
    7. The Violence of Bureaucracy
    8. Divisive Shit
    9. Predator in Chief
    10. Anarcha
    11. YDTMHTL
    12. The Chalice & The Blade

    Baltimore’s War On Women were born screaming—at the world, at the status quo, in the face of oppression. The band has announced their forthcoming album – Capture The Flag (April 13th, Bridge Nine) – which calcifies that rage, and no one in its wake is safe. Much more than a collection of songs or sonic experiment, Capture The Flag is a call to action that cannot be ignored.
    With hundreds of shows and years of activism behind them, Capture The Flag finds War On Women more dogged than ever. Taking shape over the course of summer 2017, the band’s sophomore effort delves into injustices at both the macro and micro levels. Religious subjugation, gun violence, armchair activists, gender orgasm gap, female genital mutilation, the fetishization of motherhood, and toxic relationships—no breed of oppression defies War On Women’s purview. Recorded with J Robbins in Magpie Cage Recording Studio, Capture The Flag finds the band in their sonic wheelhouse, wedged somewhere between rebellious and rousing.

    Enlisting the talents of their activist predecessors (Kathleen Hanna), glass ceiling shattering contemporaries (Joanna Angel), and own family (Brooks’s daughter Eva), Capture The Flag is a composite character of one of hardcore’s most riling bands. Ceding the gang vocals that peppered their debut album, War On Women opted to cultivate the singular voices of women who have devoted their lives to riling against the powers that be. The result is a crucible of discontent that will inspire as much as it will incense. As is their modus operandi, War On Women have not stopped at the music. Capture The Flag will also receive its own college-level companion workbook. Inspired by the academic community’s fervent embrace of their self-titled record, War On Women have decided to not only join the conversation, but also facilitate it. This workbook—which will be available for preorder with Capture The Flag—includes a lyric sheet and song dissections, relevant quotes, a reading list, directory of resources, and national support hotline numbers. War On Women are neither a crew of young bucks nor a contagion of seasoned legends. They don’t fit neatly into metalloid machismo or hulking hardcore tropes. They have nothing to prove, and there’s nothing more delightfully dangerous than that.

    See War On Women on tour this April and May and look for more news – including song premieres, music videos, and tour dates – to surface soon.

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