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Visualize Your Apple Music History

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Chance Miller, writing at 9to5Mac:

    Murray’s tool shows your most listened to song on Apple Music since Apple Music launched in 2015, as well as the songs you listened to most each year. You can also see the total amount of time you’ve spent listening to Apple Music, the day you spent the most time playing music, and much more. Privacy is of course a concern here, but Murray promises that no data ever leaves your computer and all computation is done in the browser.

    These are the kinds of things Apple Music should build into the product. At the end of the year I always create a bunch of Smart Playlists to give me information like this, but having it all in one place, and updated automatically, would be so much better.

  2. DerekIsAGooner

    So assuming that this weekend...

    So... on Apple Music?
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  3. contra11mundum Dec 4, 2018
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    I wish Spotify would do this.

    EDIT: I skimmed this and was thinking it was something more like where you could regularly check this. Didn’t realize it was an end of the year thing like Spotify Wrapped.

    I guess to clarify, I wish you could regularly check your stats on Spotify.
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  5. Butinsmallsteps


    Love this so much. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love stuff like this and hate how Apple Music don’t have their own version even though Spotify has an already integrated one. At least I have something now. Like I’m honestly super excited to see my report
  6. copey


    would be curious @Jason Tate to see what kind of smart playlists you put together for year end and throughout the year.
  7. I put together things like "most played in the last year" and "released in the last year" to help prepare for my EOTY lists. Then I can sort by album or artist or song to get a bigger picture.

    I have one that's just for "listened to last week" that I use when putting together my Liner Notes write-ups each week.
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    Allow me to nerd out on my music listening frustrations as of late.

    I've been toying with using a local-only music solution the past month or 2 using Plex. It's made me really miss the idea of a curated library from the pre-streaming days and I've rediscovered music I haven't listened to in years.
    I am really tired of the 'recommendations' that streaming services try to provide. They are mostly miss & clutter up the app. (Spotify especially with the endless podcast promotions & dozens of genre-specific playlists). I've always been an album listener, not really a playlist person.

    Plex does a pretty good job of surfacing items in your library to rediscover. Recommendations from items that area already in my library, turns out is a pretty good idea. There is a library radio, which is essential full library shuffle with some smarts behind it. Random Album Radio I really like, it's just an endless queue of full albums.

    Though I am running into some hurdles with the reliability and availability of accessing my Plex music library remotely. Sometimes the iOS app doesn't play nice and can't see my home server and the offline sync from Plex server to iOS app is pretty terrible, I've been trying unsuccessfully to just locally sync everything for a couple days now without luck.

    So i've been looking for alternatives, and looking back into iTunes/iTunes Match and AppleMusic.
    How do you handle local files, do you just let iCloud Music Library match the files in the cloud? I'm sure you have a ton of advanced copies of albums. A lot of my local library is lossless, but I think going to the iTunes Match/AM music route means those files will be matched to AAC - which is fine for remote streaming, but I'd prefer to have the higher quality files synced to my device.

    The other benefit of Plex is that I have on library, but my wife & I both have separate user accounts to access the 1 library. Not possible to use a unified iTunes library, as far a i know?

    Curious if the iTunes Smart Playlists would for creating the sort of discovery mechanisms Plex has.

    Wish these damn streaming services would allow you to customize them to suit your particular use case.
  9. I just use Apple Music and don't worry about the lossless issue from my phone. I like having access to my entire collection if I want it, but I really only download three or four albums at a time for the gym. I work from home and don't need them much, so that's a bonus. And then if I am out and wanna hear an album I didn't download, I just stream it.

    You could probably do some kind of smart playlist that does "hasn't been played in X days and you 'loved' it" or something like that. I've never played around with that.
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