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Vinyl Thread • Page 312

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by cryates, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Jim

    Trusted Supporter

    I ordered Hum - you'd prefer an astronaut back in like march and it still has no idea when its going to ship. SRC sucks.
  2. mattav152


    Some of these are for upcoming records but I ordered the Underoath and Dikembe ones like 6 months ago. Sadly I doubt I'll get any of these outside of the Hundredth LP until March:

    Underoath Set
    Orchid Mantis
    Teenage Wrist
    Slaughter Beach Dog
  3. tyramail

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    Hundredth turned out fairly disappointing from the mock up but man, it sounds so nice.
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  4. Serenity Now

    deliver us from e-mail Supporter

    That LP is awesome, coming from a devout Michael Nau fan. Dude puts out so much music and all of it is such a good mood elevator. Anyway, that weird cut 7'' wont spin on my player and it's killing me since it was produced by someone else I worship, Jim James.
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  5. navidson


    All of these lockdowns are going to bankrupt me

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  6. Smittzerland

    First time long time (FKA musicfan9795) Prestigious

    Just pre-ordered the new Citizen, so add it to the list
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  7. Blainer93


    Fall of Troy Doppleganger represses
    Taylor’s Evermore
    Whole Lotta Red

    What my pre orders look like
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  8. seanxwilliams

    Synthetic apparitions of not being lonely

    I have on pre-order:

    Taylor Swift - Evermore
    Underoath Boxset
    Wonder Years Suburbia/The Upsides boxset (galaxy variant)
    The Academy Is... - Almost Here FBR 25th Anniversary repress

    I also have a copy of Santi now on the way, as I was in a TAI mood after pre-ordering Almost Here
  9. manoverboard365


    All Metallica albums being repressed on limited colored vinyl at Walmart of all places:

    EDIT: I take that back, it's not their entire discography. Just Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightening, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, Black Album and Hardwired.

    Guess they knew no one would want the Loads or St Anger haha
  10. AWasteOfATime


    re: Dancing With a Ghost - "I actually just spoke with the vinyl plant. They are shipping the records to us today/tomorrow and they'll be in early next week. As long as there are no further delays of any kind I am anticipating that we'll have all orders shipped by the end of next week. Sorry for the inconvenience! "
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  11. Matt504

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    yea I just got the exact same response lol
  12. flask


    ive had an lp120 for about 6 years now and im wondering if I should replace the cartridge or just get a new turntable altogether.
  13. BackwardsWalker


    ive had mine for about 4 and was about to replace the stylus. No specific reason it just felt like the existing one put enough hours in. I’d be lying if I heard or seen any difference between now and when I first got it though.

    Is there a specific reason why you want to either replace the cartridge or get a new TT? Just to upgrade or another reason?
  14. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

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  15. flask


    Well I’ve been using it very regularly for the past 6 years so it’s almost certainly time for a new needle/cartridge. Otherwise the turntable still works fine and is in great condition. Same with the rest of my set up. I decided to just buy an Ortofon red.
  16. Got this reply today

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  17. ChampsMusic

    The amount of Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave pressings that have been put up on eBay makes me think FBR is going to repress it during their 25 anniversary repressings.

    Either that or it’s anticipated haha.
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  18. Clockwork


    That would be awesome. I have the box set pressing, but if they did something cool with a repress I’d definitely buy it.
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  19. bobby_runs

    where would i be if i was my brain Prestigious

    Definitely a record I’d love to own but not at its current market value.
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  20. fbrrocks


    if it was part of it,it would be sliver. all the pressing from fbr for the 25 will be silver
  21. Clockwork


    That’s a little boring, especially if their silver vinyl is just grey like most I’ve seen. But I’d have to wait and see if it’s worth it.
  22. fbrrocks


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