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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Chris Yates, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Chris Yates

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    For talking about any and all things vinyl. Your last purchase, your collection, questions, etc
  2. Snewt

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    Heck yeah!

    I just got the Kevin Devine - Live at St Pancras Old Church in the mail a few days ago. Absolutely love it.
  3. Chris Yates

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    I preordered the new Sturgill Simpson album on vinyl last night. $13 for shipping is robbery.
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  5. Snewt

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    Holy hell that's ridiculous. I was going to preorder the Dustin Kensrue cover album but the shipping was almost as much as the album itself.
  6. h8bit

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    I really wanted to jump on the No Man's Sky OST from but holy shit the prices are outrageous. $40 for a double LP shipped is nuts. Unfortunately they're one of the only retailers who do really nice video game soundtracks :-/
  7. Snewt Mar 6, 2016
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    Better Off - Milk appears to be half off at the moment, for anyone interested

    edit: back to full price :anguish:
  8. Jason Tate @jason_tate @encorepodcast Staff Member

    I got billed for a record today that I totally forgot I ordered. I saw it on my bank statement and don't even remember what it is ... hmmmm ..
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  9. Sophos


    my last purchase was the 1975's new record! its gorgeous, love love love the packaging and the fact that it came with the cassette
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  10. PyramidPostcard

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    Last thing I bought was the Courtney Barnett album. Considering pre-ordering the new Hotelier and Mitski ones.
  11. Chris Yates

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    How did you get the cassette with it?
  12. Sophos


    I boght it and they gave it to me at the register
  13. Chris Yates

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    Ah, I thought maybe it was a preorder option I missed
  14. Last record I got was the Home Alone OST from Mondo, it's beautiful!
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  15. bobby_runs

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    Album cassette or just the first two singles?
  16. Sophos


    its just the singles
  17. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    I have a lot of these.
  18. Aaron Mook

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    Just purchased Tame Impala's discography with some gift cards and birthday money as well as a used copy of Whenever, If Ever for $10
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  19. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    What a steal. Whenever, If Ever is still soooo damnnnn goood
  20. Aaron Mook

    GLOW // @avmook Moderator

    Yeah it is. Speaking of which, nice username! Haha
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  21. GettingSodas Resident Soda Expert Prestigious

    Hey thanks!
  22. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    I'm gonna flood this thread with some dope ass pics
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  23. Snewt

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    Do it.
  24. Aaron Mook

    GLOW // @avmook Moderator

    I RSD list came out and I really, really hate RSD haha but I'm going for the Mac DeMarco - Another (Demo) One LP and some misc stuff I'm less interested in, like the La Dispute live album and an acoustic version of Positive Songs for Negative People.
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  26. scott

    kill the switch Moderator

  27. Nothing in the RSD list really interests me this year. I'd pick up the CHVRCHES remix 12" but I'm not going to go stand in line or anything for it.