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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. tdlyon

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    I honestly really haven't been super into either of these singles so far
  2. OotyPa


    This one is a bit underwhelming to be honest.
  3. irthesteve

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  4. CobraKidJon

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    I guess this confirms the “show” is just a one off thing and not actual album.
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  5. tdlyon

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    I feel very validated in my insistence that FM is not his third album
  6. Jake W

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    I thought FM was his third album lol
  7. Cameron

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    I think he never confirmed if it was an album or tape
  8. arewehavingfunyet


    FM! is so good though, hyped for whatever comes next.
  9. irthesteve

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    I consider FM an EP like Prima Donna, they're both the same length
  10. tdlyon

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    Same, especially since it continues the EP-album-EP pattern he's been using

    Bummed he's breaking his project every streak this year though
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