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Vikings (History) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by SpyKi, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. SpyKi

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    Anyone on here watch this show? The thread on AP had like five people in it who hadn't posted in years but I think it's so good.
  2. coleslawed

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    fell behind after season two, but still have intentions of getting back up to speed on this one.
  3. JenaAnnissa


    I love this show! Siggy was my favorite. The supernatural element is weird to me though.
  4. never forget
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  5. loudasallgetout

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    A strong return to the season. Iva is a great character.
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  6. SpyKi

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    I'm so excited to see this season play out. I love this show.
  7. Last episode was very moving, felt like a perfect capper for two of my favorite characters. It looks like the next one is gong to be phenomenal. Bring the tissues.
  8. Give Travis Fimmel all the awards ! That was fantastic, and such a huge risk to take but they pulled it off... for the moment. Has another TV series ever done something that drastic ?
  9. SpyKi

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    I will miss him so.
  10. loudasallgetout Jan 1, 2017
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    I would never have predicted that that was how he would go. Wowza.

    though I guess that's how it happened in history books?
  11. More or less yeah
  12. Crisp X Feb 6, 2017
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    Not sure how I feel about the last few episodes, the show is strangely quickly turning into nonsensical characterization, useless storylines and cheap shock scenes. I truly hope it will rebound next season. I still love it, but it needs to focus on better characters. I'm not sure Ivar, Bjorn (who is played by a wooden actor and now tries too hard to imitate Ragnar), and Floki are enough to bring the show back to its greatness. Lagertha's actions don't seem to fit the character we've learned to know in the past seasons. The other brothers, besides Ubbe who I want to see more, are boring, and Rollo probably won't be back for a long time. It's great that Hirst made some bold and risky choices this season, however he's few steps away from ruining the show completely and signing its demise.
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  13. Doomsday

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    I'm in the middle of season two of this show and I'm loving it.
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  14. dash64

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    Just started this and really liking it so far!
  15. SpyKi

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    Anyone caught up with the last few seasons? I was thinking of catching up but since they extended the seasons it just feels like so much.
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  16. I completely lost interest in it without noticing. I think I gave up halfway through Season 5, like I can't even recall what was happening besides Floki's storyline. I don't understand why they decided to extend the seasons as it was already flawed in its initial form.

    It bums me out in retrospect, because it used to be one of my favorite shows. Far from the best in terms of quality or consistency, but the entertainment...
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  17. SpyKi

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    Same, I was somewhere in season 5 when I stopped.
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  18. loudasallgetout

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    I’m caught up but it’s definitely been a bit of a chore. I really enjoyed some earlier seasons and since it’s on its final season I figured I’d finish it. There’s definitely still some great characters and moments in there to keep it interesting. There’s only 8 episodes left now.
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