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  1. Fucking Dustin

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    F I N I S H
    I T
  2. Jake W

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    He never finishes games
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  4. FF XIV doesnt have an end
  5. yet at least
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  6. Jake W

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  7. Anthony_

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    Sekiro is still GOTY for now
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  8. Your Milkshake

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    rdr2 pc goty lets go
  9. zigbigwig Pokemon Draft League Champion Prestigious

    FE3H is my GOTY, but mad respect for Sekiro even though it did give me a lot of stress, and Astral Chain. i'm just more of a turn-based strategy person.

    so excited for Outer Worlds though, sucks that it comes out on a day that I have to travel and be out of the country for weeks. i guess i'll have to settle for skyrim on handheld in the meantime
  10. zigbigwig Pokemon Draft League Champion Prestigious

    i can’t believe we’re talking about games again
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  12. Jake W

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    Give it half an hour
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  13. i can never participate in GOTY discussions because i play approximately one new game per year—the first half of the year is spent playing games from the previous year, lol
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  14. Joe4th

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    Cold Steel III is out tomorrow and I preordered it forever ago so I know what I’m playing lol
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  15. Anthony_

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    Outer Worlds fridayyyyyyyyyy

    the hypeeeeeeeee
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  16. y tho?

    Seriously, why is everyone so excited about it? Whats it similar to?
  17. Anthony_

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    It's the original creators of the Fallout IP working at Obsidian and making a New Vegas-style first-person sci-fi RPG heavy on player choice.
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  18. Gunplay seems Bioshock-like as well.

    very excited to dive into it this weekend.
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  19. what happens when you die tho....????

    Asking for a friend
  20. Your Milkshake

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    every game can be a rogue if youre smart and dumb enough
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  21. .....go on
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  22. Anthony_ Oct 21, 2019
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    you start over at the beginning, losing certain types of items and equipment while retaining others. Certain elements of character progression are also lost while certain others are maintained from run-to-run.
  23. Your Milkshake

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  24. zigbigwig Oct 21, 2019
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    Obsidian had been making quality games since they were still Black Isle Studios. Fallout OG, Icewind Dale/Baldur's Gate, and then Kotor2, Stick of Truth, New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity to name some.

    just might be that there's less market for Western RPGs (with humor and good writing and a throwback to those complicated but engaging DnD-like gameplay) but I feel like they should be more popular for sure
  25. zigbigwig Pokemon Draft League Champion Prestigious

    i haven't played Fallout 4 but i've read about Bethesda simplifying its character progression and dialogue options, something they did a bit to Fallout 3 (when compared to Fallout 2). nothing against that, but some people like more control over their choices and character roleplay.

    the karma system in fallout 2 still blows me away. like i could be vilified in one town and just people attack me or not entertain me, and then in some towns i'm a hero (or a boxer or a porn star) which makes it harder to sneak around. you can join the one of the different mobs in New Reno, which was just one area. and then there was an option to become part of a human trafficking group called the Slavers (i never did that but it was crazy that you could) but obviously everyone will hate you and a lot of options will be shut off.

    ok im done with the rant