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  1. dylan

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    the other good thing too that they're doing is everyone is starting at the same level on 10/1. No more "hey get destiny 2 and I'll play with you!...but you need to the do the story and invest X amount of hours getting to a certain power level and then i can play with you"

    Also, all the year 2 raids have been great and in the top half of all Destiny raids. The weapons rn are very good and def worth the chase, the armor not so much, but that's being fixed with shadowkeep where chasing mods and higher tier stat armor will be worthwhile.
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  2. Anthony_

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    Yeah this is big. All weapons and armor will be bumped up to 750 power on 10/1 so every gets off on the same foot in terms of being able to access content.

    Always looking for more people to play with on PS4!

    Come join the thread:

    Destiny 2 (September 6, 2017) •
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  3. Okay for my bday I want no more destiny 2 talk thanks
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    what's your favorite exotic weapon dan
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  6. Jake W

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    Give him what he wants people, he's old he doesn't have many birthdays left
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    I posted a link to the thread so anyone who wants to continue discussing Destiny can do so there.
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  8. The “reset” is huge news. I’m back in!!!
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  9. this isnt the WoW thread
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  10. HYPE

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    that trailer gave me a chubb
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    I was 100% sure this was the fantasy books thread for a few seconds
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    Oh shit, did not know this. I was probably going to be back in with Shadowkeep anyway but this gets me way more excited.
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  14. Oh shit theres new footage

    There's no way this game sucks at all.
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  15. Love that the American version has 'Aerith' this time
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  16. The actress who plays Aerith is an absolute dream.
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  18. lol i posted the video 2 mins before ya!
  19. Anthony_

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    Was that Mark Hamill as Don Corneo?
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    Once more for the people in the back:
    Play Creature in the Well!

    87% through and some of the most satisfying 10 hours of gameplay I've had in a long time.
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    Thought I heard Nolan North in there somewhere as well
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    fook mi, it didn't load when I went to post. My bad.
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  23. This... is a pinball game. What the fuck.
  24. Cipher


    Been playing Elite Dangerous quite a bit this year on the Xbox. My least favorite part is warping into a system that has multiple stars close together. Scares the crap out of me. Lol. Elite Dangerous Core.png
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