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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Vase Full Of Rocks

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  2. Jake W

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    There's all these games I want coming out on Switch but I know I'm still definitely buying DQXI on Switch day one lol
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  3. I Am Mick

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    Played the first 6 hours or so a few years back and it didn't really grab me
  4. Jake W

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    Switch needs more turn based JRPGs tbh
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  5. Anthony_

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    It's not on Switch but if you have a DS or 3DS and haven't played it, check out Radiant Historia
  6. Joe4th

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    All consoles need more turn based JRPGs
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  7. Anthony_

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    Oh when is The Alliance Alive coming to Switch? There's a really good one right there.

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  8. Church
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  9. Jake W

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    I've only ever been in a church like twice in my life and I don't remember any JRPGs being there
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  10. Do people still play Elder Scrolls Online?
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  11. Going off of Steam numbers, about 25k daily players on PC.

    It’s probably fairly high on Xbox as well since it’s on Game Pass

    No idea on PS4
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  12. Anthony_

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    dunno but people do still play Destiny 2
  13. Fucking Dustin

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    It's still active from what I hear, it doesn't have the active volume of WoW and FFXIV but yeah
  14. I want you to MMO with me
  15. I Am Mick

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    I do, I'll look into it. thanks!
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  16. Anthony_

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  17. zigbigwig

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    so in DQ 2D and 3D mode are pretty much the same game?
  18. They make it seem like you can switch between the two whenever you want?
  19. Jake W

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  20. The Lucky Moose

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    It was that way on 3DS. On Switch the messaging is confusing. Now it looks like the 2D might be seperate content plus optional for the overworld. Is the Switch version out in Japan? If so we could find this out lol
  21. Cameron

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  22. Cameron

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  23. Jake W

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    When they revealed the game a while they said you can switch whenever you want
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  24. ECV

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    FF as a series has high highs and low lows but every single mainline game (including X-2, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns) is at least Good
  25. CobraKidJon

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    giant bomb e3 stuff has been great