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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. Vase Full Of Rocks


    If I remember correctly you had to collect 100 bananas in each level for EACH character. That's batshit crazy.
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  2. sean_rugy

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  3. CarpetElf

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    Jake W is the worst Chorus Jake.
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  4. Cmoney86


    so the new call of duty might be revealed tomorrow i guess some youtubers where flown out to see something and cant talk about anything till tomorrow
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  5. CarpetElf

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    I'm still not tired of BO4.
  6. tdlyon

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    I have a CRAZY amount of nostalgia for Sunshine. Gamecube was the first console I ever had on my own (I "had" a PS1 and N64 but really they were my dad's), and Sunshine was the only game I had for it for a while. Really great memories of playing that game, probably how people a couple years older than me feel about SM64 honestly
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  7. :heart: these two

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  8. drewinseries

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    Rust can be such a beautiful but also horrible game at the same time.
  9. CobraKidJon

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  10. Jake W

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    They're scared of Sega taking over
  11. Anthony_

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    Teaming up to take on Google eh
  12. Arry

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    i just finished season 7 (i know i'm late) and i'm so excited to catch up on all these queens after finishing the seasons!!
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  13. Zach


    This game looks fun, I won’t be able to play it but still

  14. dadbolt

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    I finally beat Lady Butterfly and have had a fairly breezy run through Sekiro since then. Then I went to fight Owl at Hirata Estate and was reminded to be humble.
  15. Sit down
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  16. Be humble
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  17. Nate_Johnson May 16, 2019
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  18. Vase Full Of Rocks


    I don't understand this take considering nothing in the press release or Sony's actions in the past couple years have made it seem like they needed "saving" in this situation.
  19. Nate_Johnson

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    It’s pretty well known that beyond PlayStation, SONY is not exactly doing well. Also, they are using Microsoft’s technology. Let me be clear: I think it’s great they are playing nice and if it creates better games/gaming I’m all in.
  20. Nate_Johnson

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  21. Brent

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    Oculus Quest should be here Tuesday. Super excited. Just bought a Chromecast too to watch my wife/kid do Beat Sabre.
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  22. RyanRyan

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    The wait for Crash Team Racing is hurting my soul.
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  23. DarkHotline

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    Is Odyssey worth dipping my beak into for $20?
  24. tdlyon

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    Absolutely fuck whoever made the K levels in Tropical Freeze
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  25. The Lucky Moose

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