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  1. awakeohsleeper

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    Anywhere you can watch season 4 (or the first three seasons for that matter) in the UK?
  2. thedrudo

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    This ending is also incredibly frustrating if another season doesn’t happen.
  3. Colby Searcy Jul 22, 2019
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    Colby Searcy

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    I'm through 2 episodes of S4 so far and it definitely has a much different feel than everything else previous but I enjoy it for sure. Veronica/Keith relationship is still top notch as always. Enjoying the new characters as well.

    Unfortunately I was spoiled of the ending and I'm gonna be really sad but I'm curious how everything plays out
  4. I think it's US exclusive. I'd bet a proxy or vpn could do it for you if you didn't wanna pirate.
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  5. Jake W

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    Think the only ways to watch 1-3 in the UK legally are DVD or buying it from Amazon Video
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    Literally impossible when Gilmore Girls revival exists
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  7. Colby Searcy

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    Made it through 5 episodes today. Should be able to finish tomorrow.

    Loved seeing Leo's interaction with Logan. also love all the callbacks in this so far. Make alot more sense than the movie's
  8. Craig Manning

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    Yeah, don’t like that ending at all. Felt like an afterthought. If there’s another season, I think it’s less dramatically compelling than...not doing that. If there’s not another season, then it was just unnecessary. Either way, shitty way to close out an otherwise very solid, enjoyable revival season.
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    It's so pointless. The more I think about it the more annoyed I get.
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  11. The question I ask myself is, given this outcome, would I rather the show just not have come back and could I have just lived in bliss with a head cannon of what happened to the characters and their happiness ... and I think I’m saddened and worried that my answer is resoundingly yes. Also, given the new outcome, does it hurt my enjoyment of the early seasons and the characters? Part of me is worried it does.
  12. Craig Manning

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    I do worry it will feel sadder and hollower, in a way, going back to the first three seasons now. Veronica and Logan both had so much tragedy in their lives that it was always nice knowing they might get a happy ending together. And then when the movie seemed to have that ending, I was satisfied with that. I really enjoyed the revival, and I think if you cut that last bit out, or just have them jet off on their honeymoon and end it there, it's perfect. But I'm definitely conflicted about whether or not I wish they'd left it as it was.

    In general, I'm kind of tired of character death being a crutch to writers of movies and TV. More often than not, it feels to me like a lazy way of hitting climactic drama points or raising stakes. In this case, Rob Thomas's explanation is especially shitty because it sounds like he did it for his own convenience. As in, he's only really interested in writing the Veronica character anymore and didn't see another way out.
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  13. Craig Manning

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    Cool to hear the Yola song at the end, though!
  14. Yep. Officially hate his reasoning and response. Yikes.
  15. ”He said he wanted to rid [the series] of “teenage drama.” And people will root for Veronica when she’s an underdog. So this sets her free to do what she wants to do with a new determination. And I thought that that was really cool. For the good of the show, I totally understood that decision. And I’m happy to play a role in that to help Veronica.“

    So you decided to get rid of a part of the show that your fans really love because you want to make a different show. I mean, ok? But ... that sorta makes me think you shoulda just made a different show instead. Seems like a cheap way to fuck the history of a show over to maybe do some new stuff now? Makes me not sure I’d want to follow along to the next version, because the drama and love angle was a massive reason I liked the show to begin with. Super disappointed with this rational.
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  16. Comments on the interviews do not seem positive either.
  17. I haven’t gotten caught up with iZombie because it got kinda boring and I didn’t even get to the part where apparently they rebooted it there too.
  18. Craig Manning

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    Yeah, it 100 percent reads to me that he did not understand the appeal of the show he was writing, or at least no longer does.
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  19. Jason Tate Jul 22, 2019
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    And, if that’s really your rational — you want to write Sherlock or whatever — there are ways to do that in a unique way that still don’t ruin the past. This doesn’t do a good job of respecting the past the show’s given us or the character motivations. And, we’ve seen the version of the show he’s describing a billion times ... it exists! ... but something more unique and new like say Veronica being married is not something we’ve seen. Why not try and be super creative? Killing Eve as one example, showed what’s possible with creative writing in a genre piece. This just feels like a writer wanting to shake an etch a sketch to do something new. Which is fine I guess, in a vacuum, it’s your IP, but man ... I dunno, it seems like such a FU to everyone that’s brought this show back multiple times from the dead just cause you’ve decided you really wanna make a different kind of show now that you got some HULU money. That’s how it reads to me, at least. That you decided to go to a fridge a character trope to put your main character in a different scenario because you didn’t have a better creative idea? Thereby removing the core of the show that people loved and the relationships with other characters in order to create ... something new? Pretty bummed the more I think about it.
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  20. I’m mad.
  21. Craig Manning

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    This column really hit the nail on the head for me: How ‘Veronica Mars’ Season 4 Fails The Show’s Most Interesting Relationship Dynamic To Date (Column)

    Particularly the bit about the bomber mystery actually being the least compelling part of the season, and about how Thomas focused so much on it that he ended up dropping storylines and undermining character development as a result. The more I think/read about this revival season, the less I like it.

    It's clear from the interview with Thomas that he just wants the show to be a noir mystery without the other elements that defined the show early on. But you're right: that's not really the same show, and is something we've seen before, a lot. So much of what made Veronica Mars interesting was the soap-ish drama of it, and the other characters, and all the complicated class issues of Neptune as a setting. Her just traveling the country, taking cases here and there, not interacting with the other characters we know, isn't really interesting to me. It feels like that just becomes another cop/detective series.

    I was already disappointed by the way this season undervalued all the old characters that weren't the three leads. In particular, I think the Weevil story is super interesting and wanted more of him and their complex history. But Thomas doesn't seem interested in that.

    And I think it's easy to say "Oh, well, he doesn't want to do fan service!" as a defense of all this, which is fine. But I think there's a difference between writing unencumbered by fan service and jettisoning everything that made your show special. The end of this season feels like the latter.
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    I was telling a friend that I don't think this ruins what came before it. It really hurts the potential future of the show though and again - if it does not continue for whatever reason - then the gimmick is pointless and I'm retconning in my head the final few minutes never happened.
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  23. Mister Lyrical

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    Maybe Rob Thomas killed Logan so he could bring back Duncan
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  24. Jake W

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    That had better not be the end
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